Football is one of the biggest sports out there when it comes to the tournaments, players and of course, the number of people who watch it. Not to mention that the passion these fans have for their favorite sport is not seen as much when compared to any other, which is why you will always see so much enthusiasm whenever you discuss football with a diehard fan.

Why Should You Watch Football Highlights in 2019 ?

Football is not like a movie or a TV show where the characters are defined and predictable, you don’t know what might happen, as we have seen losing teams overtake the other or that one player who carries his team to victory with outstanding plays. The duration of a football match, however, makes it difficult for everyone to watch the sport to because it is so long or drawn out, even more if it goes into overtime due to either team having not scored a goal over each other. You don’t want to sit all day for such a long time but you do not want to miss out on the amazing plays that the match has in store for you. Another awful feeling is when you go out and see all your friends talking about how amazing the game or play was but you could not watch it because you either did not want to or simply did not have the time.

Where Can You Watch Football Highlights?

If you are unable to watch your preferred football match, then you can try and opt for the highlights. Highlights are those spectacles or turning point of the matches where there is an exceptional performance by a player or the entire team as a collective; they can also mean the progress of one team in a tournament, like when a team has a winning streak for three or more games. It is a kind of a nuisance to miss out on some epic action and not being able to share that feeling as the others have but highlights resolve this issue. You can watch highlights on a TV show but they air it after the match and even then there is no option left if you miss the show. A better solution is to watch them on a website, namely, where you are able to get the highlights for every match of every tournament when it comes to football.

Can You Watch the Highlights in HD?

These websites also offer advantages that your TV show can’t, such as streaming those highlights in High-Definition (HD) so that you can get the best view quality and another advantage being availability, sometimes a match does not air in specific countries because of censorship or something wrong with the transmission, so the websites enable you to watch that match because they are globally available on the internet. Now let us talk about the recent football highlights of two of the most famous football tournaments, Premier League 2019 and Champions League 2019.

premier league highlights

Premier League Highlights

Wolves Vs Arsenal: Arsenal’s hopes of a top-four finish suffered another significant blow as Wolves eased past Unai Emery’s side 3-1 at Molineux on Wednesday evening.

Manchester City Vs Manchester United: Manchester City overcame a massive hurdle in the Premier League title race with a 2-0 win at rivals Manchester United, leaving them a point clear of Liverpool with three games remaining.

Tottenham Vs Brighton: Tottenham gets themselves a position in the top four with Christian Eriksen scoring a late goal against Brighton, securing a win with a final score of 1-0.

Watford Vs Southampton: The match ended with a 1-1 draw with Andre Gray’s late goal against Southampton who scored the fastest goal in the Premier League. This was done by Shane Long within the first seven seconds after a quick interception.

Chelsea Vs Burnley: Another draw with a 2-2 final score, Chelsea did not get the chance to move to the third on the Premier League board. The match had an exhilarating start as all of the four goals were also performed in the first 24 minutes of the game.

Liverpool Moves to the Top: In the Premier League, Liverpool had taken the first place, the top of the table, by accumulating 85 points from the 34 games with Manchester City being on 83 points and having second place.

City Wins 3-1 with Raheem Sterling: The last game for Manchester City was a 3-1 win against Crystal Palace. The game was tough as the players from City had made their scores defending and in the final third as Guardiola’s men had the game to them but Klopp’s side showed some skill, especially with Eden Hazard. The win over Crystal Palace was also thanks to Raheem Sterling as he did a double goal to score the 3-1 win.

Chelsea Moves Lower After the Loss against Liverpool: Chelsea is in fourth place with 66 points after their loss 0-2 with Liverpool. If we talk about the progress Liverpool had made in the League, then they came on top with a run of six games in which four were draws, their last four league fixtures were wins in a row as well. For Chelsea to progress, they would have to perform better returning to London as the other team had lost fewer games than them this season.

A Quick Look look at the other teams: Arsenal has gone back after their 0-1 loss against Watford; captain Troy Deeney was also sent off 11 minutes into the game. Last, comes the hat-trick from Lucas Moura in the new stadium in Spurs which gave Tottenham a 4-0 win over Huddersfield.

Champions League Highlights

Champions League Highlights

FC Porto Vs Liverpool: Liverpool secure themselves a semi-final with Barcelona with their win against FC Porto. The final scores were 4-1 with the aggregate being 6-1.

Manchester City Vs Tottenham: Being regarded as one of the closest match-ups, Tottenham have reached the semi-finals of the Champions league for the first time thanks to Fernando Llorente and with a 4-3 scored aggregated to 4-4.

Barcelona Scores Against United: Thanks to the goals scored by Lionel Messi and Philippe Coutinho in the last match, Barcelona had managed to drive Manchester United out from the field in their second leg of the Champions League quarterfinal match. Messi scored two goals while Philippe one which makes the final score 3-0 with 4-0 being the aggregate/ When the match started, Barcelona had the one-goal advantage but as it progressed, a victory for them was all but assured when Manchester United was unable to obtain a score equal to them. The loss for Manchester United meant that their run in the Champions League was over but it was a tough matchup seeing as they were faced with one of the best current players of football, Lionel Messi. The first goal by him was done spectacularly as we saw him taking the ball off from Ashley Young, avoided Fred, dribbled it to create space then he took a perfectly slotted shot from the left foot and outside of the box.

Juventus Vs Ajax: Ajax scores 2-1 against Juventus and with an aggregate of 3-2, reached the semi-finals of the Champions League for the first time in 22 years.

The New Line-Up for Champions League: Barcelona and Ajax will be joined by Liverpool and Tottenham for the semifinals. Manchester City had reached the quarterfinals by winning 4-3 against Spurs in one of the most heated games of the tournament and their winning goal was also done pretty late in the game. For Liverpool, they had won with a 4-1 score, aggregated to 6-1 in their last match in Portugal and will be facing Barcelona in the semi-finals. The other semi-final match will be played by Tottenham and Ajax, both of the first legs of the semi-final matchups will take place on April 30 and May 1.

Barcelona Vs Lyon: Barcelona gained a major lead with two goals and two assists by Lionel Messi against Lyon. This secures them a spot in the Champions League quarter-finals with a 5-1 aggregate.

Bayern Munich Vs Liverpool: Liverpool scored twice with Sadio Mane and wins with a final score of about 3-1 against Bayern Munich in their second leg of the last-16 tie.