Founded as a traditional betting company, Bet365 has been active in the online betting market for several years now.

After the rapid conquest of the World Wide Web with the help of an excellent sports betting platform, mobile betting in the Stoke-on-Trent betting giant has become a dominant theme in recent years.

The result: creation of a version of the betting offer for mobile devices.

This development culminated in the introduction of a perfectly thought-out mobile application to meet the demands of mobile betting and its many different devices.

Now the Bet365 betting offer, in addition to a mobile version, is also available in countless countries as an app for download.

Mobile availability & compatibility – good accessibility

Basically, a mobile device with Internet access is sufficient to be able to try the full range of bets on Bet365 on the go.

Downloading a mobile application is not mandatory.

Finally, the homepage automatically changes to the mobile version as soon as the website is called up.

Anyone who still wants to download the app on the phone or tablet, this can anyway be done regardless of whether the operating system is now called iOS or Android. The application runs on all major operating systems.

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Betting & mobile offer – full offer and additional service

Mobile at any time, provided that Internet access is available, the full scope of Bet365’s well-known betting offer can be used.

This applies equally to Bet365 live betting. Customers who want to place their bet via mobile phone or tablet, must therefore miss no betting event and no special bets.

However, the end of the flagpole is far from being reached. In addition,  all other known offers of the British traditional bookmaker can be used in the mobile version.

In addition to the complete betting offer,  Bet365 also offers other options for its mobile customers on the go: including live images, information and statistics on the games, and much more.

In plain language that means: Not only statistics tools, match reports and live ticker information can be accessed from the mobile phone or tablet at any time; also the extensive live football streaming offer, which is offered by Bet365, can be accessed on the way.

The prerequisites for the live images to be activated on the mobile phone are therefore the same as in the desktop version. However, it should always be noted in the streaming offers that different country restrictions come into play.

Betting account & security of sports betting app – full overview of settings in the betting account

Basically all the important settings of the betting account can be managed without any problems via the application.

This ensures that it is also possible to retain the overview of bets made on the mobile as well as the overview of the account balance on a mobile basis.

However, if an uncertainty occurs, there is also the possibility for mobile contact with the customer service of the British provider.

In principle, an employee can be contacted via the same communication channels as via the desktop version. In other words, requests can be sent by e-mail, fax, mail or telephone.

The only exception: unfortunately, the popular live chat does not support the app from Bet365. This is a pity, as this is usually the quickest and easiest way to get in touch with Bookie’s after-sales service.

Functionality & usability of mobile bets – full focus on bets, with simple user guidance

Regarding the functionality and user-friendliness of the mobile betting possibilities at Bet365 hardly negatives can be reported. Once logged in you’re ready to go. Right away you will see the current highlights as well as the current live bets.

To dive into the rest of the Betbook, the sports selection has to be expanded by tapping on the top left. Alternatively, the main and most popular sports are displayed in a horizontal bar on the start page in the immediate field of view.

Immediately above that, in the header bar, other important categories have been added, such as access to the live betting center or account settings.

The electronic betting slip then opens automatically at the bottom of the screen, immediately above the home button of the smartphone or tablet, as soon as a selection has been made and can be filled as usual.

In terms of functionality can be said that – in contrast to the mobile versions of some competitors – in Bet365 everything runs smoothly and there are no delays.

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