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AC Perugia – US Avellino – In the last match of the 13th Serie A Italian Serie B, the midfielder will have two midfielders on Monday night, with 15 of Perugia currently having two points less than 12 Avellino. However, Perugia can boast of having celebrated in the last five games, and they were particularly convincing last year when they were home to 3: 0 and home to 5: 0.

AC Perugia
Consequently, it is quite logical that in Perugia camp and now expect all three points against Avellino, especially since both have been in a crisis for a while. Perugia, after a brilliant opening of the season, when they entered the first four rounds with three wins and one rhomble, managed to win only one point in the last six rounds, just in the last round when they played 3: 3 at Cremona.
And that particular line came otherwise under the baton of a new coach, Brede, who arrived at Perugie instead of Giuntia, after five defeats. However, this row against Cremona would certainly have to be motivated to make a good score on Avellino, which otherwise has a lot of problems on the pitch this season. As for the problems with absenteeism, coach Breda at this time can not count only on the injured goalkeeper Rosati and defender Del Pretea.

US Avellino
When it comes to guests from Avellino, they encounter this match in a somewhat worse form than they had at the start of the season, as they had four defeats in the last five rounds and only one win, two chariots in the domestic field against the last Pro Vercelles. After that they went to Megdani Parmi, who beat them with 2: 0 and made them the fifth guest defeat in this season, while they only celebrated on the start of the season against Novara.
That is why we believe that the coach Novellino will now make a few changes to the starting lineup against Perugia, especially in the middle of the field where somehow the most screams after they have hurt Gavazzi and Morosini. And besides the two of them, this match does not even compete for the injured Rizza defender, while the appearance of a rotten conqueror Moretti is questionable.

AC Perugia – US Avellino TIP
Bearing in mind that both teams are in a slightly inferior form, it is expected that both of us will try to achieve a good result with something more open, especially since this season they are much better off in attack than in defense.