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Ajax Amsterdam – Willem II – This season’s Ajax was also expected to be unbeatably better than the Willem II team, and the score difference is huge, so this is the host to the second, while the guests are on the 14th. In something, Willem II is still more successful, and that is the Cup where they went to fourth, while Ajax was eliminated in the eighth finals. In the championship Ajax has six unbeaten matches, and Willem II has only once celebrated in the same period. These seasons have already met at the end of October and then Ajax as a guest beat 3: 1

Ajax Amsterdam
After the failure in Europe, Ajax experienced the elimination of the Cup during the week and when it is known that in the championship still lag behind five points for PSV, it is clear that they can not be satisfied and have decided to drop the coach. The Twente Cup defeat was the job of Marcela Keizer and Michael Reiziger took over. They hope it can cause a positive shock to the team and will reach the rivals from Eindhoven by the end of the season.
They have five points less, but that is still good because there were 10 more until then, and then in the derby they beat PSV in their 3: 0 field, so that the PSV will look again later and is now a worthy advantage. It is difficult to say what the new coach will change in the starting lineup, but it is possible that he will not do anything because there are still no five players available for injury.

Willem II
Since the start of the season, Willem II has been in the bottom of the table and they have been in the zone for a while, while they are just above that zone, although they only have three points above the team that is below the line. They started with four defeats, and in the first seven wins they only won one. Until the last round they had a positive series of five unbeaten matches, with four times eliminated. They only defeated Heracles, who lost to Zwole at 3: 2 on their field.
That is why they were successful in the Cup and won the Waalwijk in the field with 3: 0 during the week and so they went to the quarterfinals. Against Zwole’s in the last round, they took 2: 0 and then fell in discomfort and received three goals and lost. There was no major change in the composition of these two duels and only the derrick van der Linden left off against Zwolle, but has returned and we do not expect any other changes.

Ajax Amsterdam – Willem II TIP
Ajax has spent all the credits and the rest is just a championship, so there is no need to knock it off. They have a new coach and want a series of victories, and this is a good opportunity to start, because Willem II is not a team that can parry them and we expect a secure and convincing win for the host.