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Ajax – Excelsior

The Acex match against PSV, one in the table, won Ajax with a crushing three goals against zero, but the club is still on the verge of the same, as well as AZ, and has seven points to collect seven points to the top.
After three years followed by second places, the press is big on Ajax, from inside and inside, to succeed in winning Eredivisie. The coach Marcel Keizer, who took office this summer, has not gone beyond the blow – but now it seems at least pointing upwards. 3-0 against a PSV that stood paced strongly deserves praise.
Guest Excelsior is the pure opposite of Ajax – a small, small club whose primary goal is survival in the series. Now they stand as eleven with a facit 5-2-8, albeit not without pressure from below. Glapped to the championships – on four sticks.
The shape points downwardly for Excelsior, after a clearly better period that landed with several unexpected threes on the account – with four losses lined up, two of which have come with the tailpipe. It is noteworthy that the target protocol is scored in all of the row matches. The problem – a leaky defensive.
Alessandro Damen, Sesevio Payne and Shane O’Neill are missing for Excelsior ahead of the match.

Guests are thrilled with joy
When Ajax wins, they often win big. Plug it out! Now they also come from the best performance of the year, a 3-0 scull over series-leading PSV, where players and leaders can be expected to feel blood in the mouth.
Of course, it’s not the best of Excelsior’s opportunity to stand up for the big club, but we still think that the odds have pulled out too big gear and plotted Ajax ready for big favorites.
Excelsior has, after all, shown great workforce and is rarely completely unfamiliar, as the gaming companies expect them to be here. Not one of the 15 matches of the year, they have lost with numbers greater than three goals difference. Only one has been on exactly dito, the rest fewer numbers than that.
For almost three weeks ago, they played against PSV and then fell only with scarcely 1-2 …
Adding to it all is Ajax’s well-known injury list; adorned by Vaclav Cerny, Daley Sinkgraven, Armin Younes and Nick Viergever. But especially Lasse Schöne missed the match. Big break.