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Arminia Bielefeld – Union Berlin – The last round of the circuit brings the duel of the neighbors to the table, but in its central part and the positions that can lead them to higher rank are quite distant and even closer to those that lead to a lower rank. Especially this applies to Union Berlin, who has two points less than Arminie and this difference was created in the previous period because the team from Berlin is playing very badly. They have won seven games without a win, while Arminia made a triumph in the last round. The first round of this season in Berlin ended with a score of 1: 1.

Arminia Bielefeld
After two defeats for the end of the first part of the championship, Arminia and the other part opened a “slim” bend without a goal on the home field against Furtha, so they did not expect to be able to do something more to Bochum in the last round. Nevertheless, they managed to beat 1: 0 and that of Gollust Hartherz from a free kick in the middle of the second half. It was a good victory to break a series of three games without a triumph, but still to maintain a solid point difference compared to the exit zone.
It should be said that even Furtha Arminie had absolute dominance in the field, however, there was no realization. In Bochum they kept their defense strength so one goal was enough to win. There was no jumper Prietl who could not play because of yellow cards and he jumped Staude and played very badly with a certain return to Prietla.
Trusted initial composition Arminie: Ortega – Dick, Borner, Behrendt, Hartherz – Prietl, Schutz – Weihrauch, Kerschbaumer – Klos, Woglsammer

Union Berlin
At one point this season, Union Berlin even threatened to drift with leading teams and seemed to be able to enter the top-ranked strike because a six-winner of the six-winner series hit even a third. However, as they hit these positions, they all broke out, since they were in a series of seven unbeaten matches, which is still going on. They’ve lost five times in that row and only tweaked twice, one in the strong Kiel two times before.
They lost 2: 0 and managed to return, so it seemed that they could be psychologically raised, but in the last round another duel with a strong rival and home defeat from Nurnberg with 1: 0. In the early stages of the match, they received that only goal, to get two red cards later, and this will certainly weaken them for this duel. Coach Hofschneider after a row in Kiel was forced to only one change, and one of two goals from Skrzybski was missing out of injury, and Gogia jumped. Now I can not play Leistner and Hosiner because of the suspension.

Arminia Bielefeld – Union Berlin TIP
Arminia is much better form, which proved to be a victory in the last round, and before that they played better than Union Berlin, which is in a great crisis and it is hard for Bielefeld to achieve more than a possible rival.