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Fighting to improve his home performance, Atletico-MG will have Coritiba ahead this Sunday, November 19. The match is part of the thirty-sixth (antepenultimate) round of the Brazilian Championship in its 2017 edition. It will be held at the Estadio Independência, in Belo Horizonte, starting at 7:00 p.m. (Brasília time).

Atlético-MG’s recent performance

Looking to clinch a place in the 2018 edition of the Copa Libertadores, Atletico MG saw their chances reduced significantly by being drawn in a 1-0 draw against Vasco on Wednesday, November 15, in San Januário , Rio de Janeiro.
Although the draw might have been even considered a prize for a team that was dominated in most of the time, was at a disadvantage in the marker and had in the goalkeeper Victor his great highlight. However, he left the team outside the qualifying zone for the Copa Libertadores de América and behind Vasco, a direct rival in that fight. The Rooster adds 47 points (12 wins, 11 draws and 12 points).
Projections indicate that teams that do not exceed the 55-point mark should be excluded from the top-ranked team, who are the ones who will have the right to play in the continent’s main club tournament next year. After three rounds, Belo Horizonte’s alvinegro is at the limit. It can reach 56 points, which is not certain of the vacancy. So, in addition to winning your games, you need to cheer for other results.
This crowd involves three competitions. In the Brasileirão, atleticanos need to cheer against, mainly, Flamengo and Vasco, who are in better situation in the fight by the classification. However, in the case of the red-black carioca, also has to twist in favor. But in the South American Cup. An achievement of the Carioca team would increase to eight the qualifying block for the 2018 Libertadores. Also worth praising for the success of Grêmio in the 2017 edition of the tournament. That could extend the qualifying block to nine for next season and increase the chances of Atletico-MG getting there.
But twisting is not enough. The club must meet its goal. In addition to Coritiba, alvinegro will face the champion Corinthians, away on the thirty-seventh day, and the disinterested Grêmio, at home, on the final day.
Of those duels is precisely that of this Sunday that seems to offer more risk, since the paranaenses still fight for their survival in the division of elite of the national soccer. For that, Oswaldo de Oliveira expects good news from the medical department regarding the Ecuadorian midfielder Cazares. He can not act in San Januário. It will be evaluated again and if it is released it should cause Valdivia to lose the place between the holders. Creative, Cazares is the hope of creating more offensive moves in order to allow Fred and Robinho to finish more.
Another issue is to make the experienced players not be affected by the pressure exerted by the fans, who considers the campaign of Rooster in the Brasileirao to be shameful. If only considering the results at home, the alvinegro would be in the relegation zone. He has only 19 (five wins, four draws and eight losses) of the 51 home games.

The current form of Coritiba

Alviverde had one day less in preparation for the confrontation. He played on the night of Thursday, November 16, and moved closer to avoiding relegation to Serie B of the 2018 Brazilian Championship. At home, he defeated Flamengo 1-0 to 43 points (11 wins, 10 draws and 14 defeats). He took the fourteenth place.
Thus, there remain only two points in nine to be played so that the Thigh can achieve the score that is considered necessary to avoid relegation. The team from Paraná has four advantage points in comparison with Ponte Preta, seventeenth and first in the sticking region.
The recent improvement in performance, which generated an unbeaten run of seven games (four wins and three draws), led coach Marcelo Oliveira to talk even to take a step forward in the goals. The club began to hope to get the classification for the South American Cup. For this you need to enter the top 13.
However, he has important problems facing Atlético-MG. Three starters are out of action. Defender Cléber Reis, left-back Thiago Carleto and striker Rildo are suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

History of the bouts between Atlético-MG and Coritiba
The Rooster won 21 of his 38 matches against Thigh in the history of the Brasileirão. The Paranaans won 12 times and the draws were only five. In the first round of 2017, the alvverde lost at home by 2 to 0.

In front of a Coritiba significantly embezzled, Atlético-MG is the best guessing option for the 1.65 showdown at Rivalo. Draw shows possibility of return of 3.90 and victory alviverde multiplies the investment by 5.00.