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Bologna form
Recovery. Bologna started to have some troubling stumbling, moving away from the first page of the leaderboard. In the last round, however, he managed a major victory over Verona as a 3 × 2 visitor, returning to the top ten. Adding points here will make the team finish the year on the first page.
But will the triumph cited round really show reaction? Again the defensive part was again leaked more than once, for example. In the last three duels, the team suffered at least two goals in the field. If his offensive side yielded to this point to minimize gaps constantly, surely Bologna would not be fighting just to be on the front page. At home, Bologna have only one win in the last five games.
Coach Roberto Donadoni is not expected to make changes to the base he has won again. A major focus for the defensive sector is the key point to correct here.

Forma Udinese
Udinese showed that the breath was not lost. Losing the leader Napoli by the minimum score is super natural for any team. Udinese showed this clearly in their next duel. As principal, run over Verona by forceful 4 × 0. It was the club’s fifth win in the last six games.
Depending on what happens in this round, Udinese can be rewarded for the way they cross, ending the year on the first page of the leaderboard. Trust is at its peak for such. The Udinese have managed to show tactical balance m forces, but gaining much in confidence and quality when their offensive part is made present. In four of their last six games Udinese have scored at least three goals in the field. There has been dominance as a visitor as well.
The coach Massimo Oddo will repeat the base that acted in great form in the last round.

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Our Tip
Difficult prognosis game. Yes, the leading team is still not tactically confident, but comes from victory in the last round. Udinese are in great shape and need more if they want to finish the year on the first page of the leaderboard. It joins the lack of tactical confidence of one, the excitement for the last victory and the overall confidence and offensive strength of the opponent and an open match and goals should occur.