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Collecting the shards after the elimination of the South American Cup, Fluminense has in its schedule a classic less than 72 hours after falling against Flamengo. This Saturday, November 4, will face Botafogo at the Nilton Santos stadium, Engenhão, Rio de Janeiro. The duel is part of the schedule of the thirty-first round of the Brazilian Championship in its edition 2017.

Botafogo’s recent performance

Eliminated from the cups of Brazil and Libertadores after a good campaign in both, the focus of Botafogo at the moment is to reach one of the four positions of the Brasileirão and ensure, in this way, the right to play the 2018 Copa Libertadores of America already from the group stage.
In the day of number 31, the alvinegro added another point in this fight when drawing, without goals, with Atlético-MG, in Belo Horizonte. With 48 points (13 wins, nine draws and nine defeats), he occupies the sixth position. To reach the G4, its nearest rival is Gremio, who has 51 points and has his attentions turned to the dispute of the 2017 edition of the continental competition. It’s in the decision. Will decide the title of the Libertadores with Lanús.
However, the same focus does not seem to be shared by the board. Still with that goal to attain, the top-haters seem more concerned with trouble shooting a former leader and leaving aside the more pressing issues. One of them would be the renewal of the contract of midfielder Bruno Silva to try to keep him in the club.
One of the team’s biggest names of the season, the athlete is being coveted by Cruzeiro, who would be willing to pay the fine of $ 20 million established by the breach of the athlete’s commitment to Botafogo, which runs until the end of 2018.
Although these situations can be considered a distraction in preparation, at least until now players have always been able to overcome obstacles at the time the ball rolls.
The house factor also can not be overlooked. The club has won four of the last five matches in Engenhão and is the sixth best captain of the Brasileirão with 29 points (nine wins, two draws and four losses).

The current form of Fluminense

To recover the athletes from the concussion suffered with the 3 to 3 draw against Flamengo on Wednesday, November 1, seems to be the greatest challenge of coach Abel Braga for Saturday’s classic. After losing their first match 1-0, the three-pointers managed to open a 3-1 lead in the second set but failed to maintain the advantage until the end and ended up being eliminated from the quarterfinals of the South American Cup.
It remains to be seen if the coach will be able to run this process, since it was the main target of criticism of the fans after the match. And rightly so. A completely misplaced substitution when the team had a two-goal lead ultimately compromised the team’s performance. He took Marco Junior and put the inexpressive Romarinho to pull counterattacks while he had on the reserve bench Welington Silva, much faster and more skillful.
The one chosen by Abel had a disastrous performance. It killed counterattacks that could define the match and opened for Flamengo the possibility of pressing in the pursuit of the draw without sticking a defense that presents constant failures.
Reactivity will be key in this final stretch of tournament. The relegation still threatens Fluminense, who has 39 points (nine wins, 12 draws and ten losses). Still need to accumulate at least six more points to reach the 45 predicted enough to avoid falling into Serie B with seven rounds left.
It is quite likely that changes will be made to the team. Gum’s cross is in the end. The athlete can not participate in the duel of the South American Cup by being suspended. It remains to know who will be taken out. Renato Chaves would be the obvious choice, but the player made two goals against Flamengo and Reginaldo could end up losing his place in the starting lineup.
There is still the possibility that the two defenders who have played against Flamengo lose seats. That’s because, recovered from muscle damage, Henrique, absolute owner and captain of the team, was first linked to the reserve bench on Wednesday. If you have better physical conditions, you can go back to being the owner.
There are doubts too up front. Marco Junior left the field feeling pain. It will need to be reassessed by the medical department. If it is vetoed, after criticism, Romarinho certainly will not be a viable option. Wellington Silva can start as a starter.

History of the bouts between Botafogo and Fluminense
The Classic Grandpa had 47 editions in the Brasileirão. Alvinegro won 16 of them. The tricolor took the best in 14 matches. However, the most common result was a tie with 17 occurrences.

The players of Fluminense, although limited technically and muddled by the errors of his technician, were to the physical limit in the match against Flamengo. It is impossible that they can repeat this situation less than three days later. They will have to slow down. Coupled with the psychological shock, this makes Botafogo the best guessing option for the classic with a price of 2.05 on Bet365. Draw returns 3.30 and tricolor success yields 3.60 for 1.