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Chile accepts Ecuador intact, two teams in a very depressed situation. Three extremely precious points are at stake here, and there are no spaces for scoring. Which team pulls the longest straw I can not be wrong, on the other hand, I expect an entertaining match between two teams playing with the knife on the throat, where a victory is the only outcome on the map.

After two straight losses against Paraguay and Bolivia, Chile has been in a very complex and pressured situation. You place in a sixth place in the table, a location that currently means missed advancement. Two rounds remain, while you have a score up to Argentina at the qualifying ground. And then Brazil is left to meet on the finish line in the last round. You probably understand the importance of this match. Expect a full-fledged Chile with a warrior stand that only the Chileans are capable of – then you usually get really sharp. Now it’s a knife-to-throat situation and a victory is more or less a must, otherwise there is a risk of losing the advancement. Sadly, you have put yourself in this situation, yet you are not skipped.

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Ecuador’s chances of advancement are small, but not non-existent. Four points up to Argentina in the qualifying round, two rounds remaining. Difficult? Yes. Impossible? Definitely not. Just like the home team, you have to blame yourself. The 2-0 loss away from Brazil was not much to say about, but the 2-1 loss at home last week was a tough one. A total of four straight losses in qualifying ahead of this match. Three points here and you go for both Paraguay and Chile in the table, and Argentina should probably lose points against Peru, it’s free in the final round. Then there will be excitement, I can promise. Just like Chile’s part, Ecuador plays with the knife on the throat, here must have three points of carrier gas in the hunt for the World Cup.

Two teams to win the victory – my expectations on the match are sky high, I can promise. Both teams possess really fine offensive qualifications and I believe in dividends here. Chile has scored in 10 of 16 games played, which corresponds to 62% of the matches. Little wonder if you ask me, the potential is significantly higher than the statistics show. Ecuador has scored goals in 13 of 16 games played, which corresponds to 81% of the matches. All the more impressive. Understand for any of the teams and it is full speed ahead that applies. The prerequisites are really nice, and it’s hard not to focus on the review here. If we look at the peer statistics between the teams, then four of the last five meetings have gone over the 2.5-line – it’s good. Ecuador picked a 3-0 victory at the home meeting, but I do not believe in one-sided story. That’s what I think I’m thinking about and I play the score to 1.64 times the money.