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Cittadella vs Frosinone Free Betting Tips

Will the Nesta get back on track in time?

While Spezia and Pordenone are waiting for their playoff semi-final opponents as third and fourth in the final table of Serie A these days, four teams are already fighting for their last chance to intervene in the race for the last vacant promotion spot.

In the second and last quarter-finals, Cittadella and Frosinone face off. According to the odds, there is no clear favorite to be named, although in the second-highest Italian division the home advantage can be described as such. Seen over the season, there were significantly more home wins than away wins. However, the odds have dropped with the loss of viewers.

The fact that the home side is nevertheless given somewhat better chances of entering the semi-finals is due in particular to the ongoing form crisis of the guests from the Lazio region. The relegation from Serie A has been victorious in the past six league games and thus lost a better starting position.

However, because the team of coach Alessandro Nesta has the more individual quality and presumably has a different level of performance than the garnet reds, it is interesting in our opinion to give the Cittadella vs Frosinone a tip on the progress of the yellow Give blue ones.

Betting Tips: 0: 0 (1st HT)
Odds: 2.48

Cittadella – Statistics & current form

Even before the start of the 2019/2020 playoffs, you have to pay a huge compliment to AS Cittadella. It is not a matter of course that a team that was last year in the finals for the promotion against Hellas Verona, despite a 2-0 win in the first leg, was the loser again, a good twelve months later, the opportunity to jump in to create the A series.

If the team of coach Roberto Venturato, who has been wielding the scepter in Veneto since 2015, finished seventh last season, this time it was even enough to position fifth, which the “Granata Citti” brings home advantage in the quarter-finals of the playoff. However, this can only be seen as an advantage at first glance, because the bottom line is that the garnet reds collected more points abroad than in their stadium.

The home game as a disadvantage for the garnet reds?

The second best away team in Serie B (ten wins, three draws, six bankruptcies) only ranked 17th in the home table and had to suffer more defeats during the season (eight) than one could celebrate with success (seven).

Because only two of the most recent six home games were made victorious, it would be quite risky to give Cittadella and Frosinone a prediction of the home win, especially since the Venturato team drew five times in the final seven matchdays and almost three goals against them Cut received. Despite two victories at the end of the regular season, self-confidence is anything but at the boiling point.

The probable lineup of Cittadella:
Maniero – Rizzo, Frare, Perticone, Ghiringhelli – Proia, Branca, Gargiulo – de Marchi – Panico, Stanco

Last games from Cittadella:

Serie B
07/31 2020 Virtus Entella 2-3 Cittadella
07/27 2020 Cittadella 1 – 0 Venezia
07/24 2020 Chievo 4 – 1 Cittadella
07/17 2020 Cittadella 1 – 2 Ascoli Calcio 1898 FC
07/13 2020 Salernitana 4 – 1 Cittadella

Frosinone – Statistics & current form

Frosinone is fortunate that after a completely spanked final sprint in Serie B, he ended up in eighth place. The team of the former Italian international Alessandro Nesta did not deserve the playoff participation, measured by the latest results, not at all.

With three draws and three defeats on the last six match days, the Serie A relegated player, who was already an aspiring aspirant at the start of the season, did not necessarily spill glory. It was only a converted penalty in minute 79 in the final match at home against Pisa (1-1) that gave the yellow-blue team to enter the promotion round.

Frosinone with luck in the playoffs

What may seem negative at first glance could be a great opportunity for the eighth place in the regular season. With one and a half legs, the Nesta team was already out of the playoffs. The idea of ​​a direct re-advancement had almost been abandoned before the penalty kick mentioned changed everything. Often an “almost failure” leads to a new high within the team, which is why we have the “Canarini Ciocari” on our list when it comes to returning to the House of Lords.

Before the game Cittadella against Frosinone, the odds for the guest are very attractive, especially since last year’s first division club has the more individual quality and it seems a question of time before the form crisis ends. Frosinone was often offensive extremely harmless in the current season, but we think it is quite possible that the playoff semi-finals will succeed, whether after extra time or a penalty shootout.

The probable lineup of Frosinone:
Bardi – Ariaudo, Brighenti, Szyminski – D’elia, Maiello, Rohden, Haas, Salvi – Novakovic (Diaw), Dionisi

Frosinone’s last games:

Serie B
07/31 2020 Frosinone 1 – 1 Pisa
07/27 2020 Crotone 1 – 0 Frosinone
07/24 2020 Frosinone 2-3 Benevento
07/17 2020 Pescara 1 – 1 Frosinone
07/13 2020 Frosinone 2 – 2 Juve Stabia

Cittadella vs Frosinone Direct comparison

The two teams will face each other in Serie B on Wednesday evening for the 17th time. Cittadella has only won one match so far. Frosinone has six successes, while nine clashes ended in a draw. In the current season, the garnets won 2-0 at the Nesta team but had to be satisfied with a goalless draw at home. Also interesting: The clubs already met in the playoffs in 2017/2018. At that time, Frosinone narrowly prevailed in the semifinals.

Latest matches between Cittadella vs Frosinone

Serie B
06/26 2020 Frosinone 0-2 Cittadella
11/03 2019 Cittadella 0 – 0 Frosinone
Serie B promotion finals
06/10 2018 Frosinone 1 – 1 Cittadella
06/06 2018 Cittadella 1 – 1 Frosinone
Serie B
01/28 2018 Cittadella 1 – 2 Frosinone
09/03 2017 Frosinone 2 – 1 Cittadella
03/06 2017 Frosinone 1 – 1 Cittadella
10/08 2016 Cittadella 2-3 Frosinone
05/09 2015 Cittadella 1 – 1 Frosinone
12/20 2014 Frosinone 1 – 1 Cittadella


Cittadella vs Frosinone Free Betting Tips

38 game days in the regular season were just preliminary. From Tuesday evening, the decisive playoffs for the last promotion spot will start in Italian Serie B. In the second “preliminary round game” there is an encounter between Cittadella and Frosinone. According to the betting odds on the “To-Qualify” market, the homeowners are given better chances, which does not necessarily coincide with our assessment.

Although the guests recently spread no fear and remained six times in a row without a victory (three draws, three defeats), we still have the team of coach Alessandro Nesta on the bill. Not least because the yellow-blues were virtually not among the top eight on the last matchday ten minutes before the end and only fixed their playoff participation with a converted penalty in the final phase. Such an experience can release new strength.

Key facts – Cittadella vs Frosinone tips

Cittadella won only seven of 19 home games in the regular season
Frosinone has been without a win for six games (three draws, three bankruptcies)
The home side won only one of 16 direct duels

Before the do-or-die game between Cittadella and Frosinone, the prediction should also take into account that the garnet reds are among the weakest home teams in the league and have only had seven successes in their stadium throughout the season. We also see the quality advantages on the part of the guests.

We, therefore, choose between Cittadella and Frosinone for the tip that the supposed underdog will make the jump to the next round.

Betting Tips: Frosinone
Odds: 2.4