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Colombia – Paraguay

Both teams continue to play for the Mundial, but the difference is still five points in favor of Colombia, which by virtue of winning in this duel, will virtually come to a standstill to qualify for the World Cup. Paraguay’s victory is imperative, and then they would have to do the same in the last round to get to the placement or at least the extra play. The Colombians, with two linked rallies, spoiled their situation a bit, while Paraguay lost on the pitch in the last round. In the first match of these qualifications, Colombia celebrated as a guest with 1: 0.


There were climaxes and falls in Colombia’s selection in these qualifications, but two rounds before the end have a pretty favorable situation. They could already be sure that in the previous two rounds they were not only removing. Surely more are complaining about a substitute for hosting with a long-overdue Venezuela, but that match ended without a goal. In the last round they were welcomed by Brazil and it was also a good chance to win, as the rival had already secured the first place, however, only 1: 1 in the end and the uncertainty was prolonged.
And these two points that they have won have a weight in a very uncertain completion of qualifications. It could happen with some matching of other results that already by winning in this tour provide Mundial, while otherwise they have a visit to Peru in the last round. Picker Pekerman enters this match virtually with the strongest forces, with returnee Baccu in the attacking section and an offensive approach is expected for the Colombians.
Probable starting lineup of Colombia: Ospina – Arias, Zapata, D.Sanchez, Fabra – C.Sanchez, Cuadrado, Aguilar, J.Rodriguez – Bacca, Falcao.


Paraguay is not without a chance to place on the Mundial, but it will be extremely difficult already in this game, since they only play a win. In the last round, they welcome Venezuela and the victory in this tour is even quite real, however, there are outsiders here and then there is still a question how to match the other results. Paraguay had a lot of bad games in these qualifications, but their hopes were actually revived after a completely unexpected visiting triumph before two rounds, with Chile scoring 3-0.
It brought them back to the game, so they would also spoil domestic defeat against Uruguay in the last round. It was a milestone and they had to play better. They were defeated by 2: 1, which significantly reduced their chances, and worse, they were left without some players for this tour, because they got yellow cards against Uruguay. All of them are from the last line, G.Gomez, that Silva and Alonso and the coach Arce will have to improvise, which is very ungrateful for such a difficult and important duel. Great hopes are placed in the attacker Sanabri, which is in excellent shape.
The likely initial composition of Paraguay: A.Silva – Piris, B.Valdez, Rojas, Samudio – Romero, V.Caceres, Riveros, Ortiz – Barrios, Sanabria.

Colombia – Paraguay

Kolmbia is near the Mundial and want to solve all the dilemmas in this match, and this will only be a victory and we believe that it will come to her, due to the local court, which is due to the fact that Paraguay was weakened and shaken after the domestic defeat in the last round.