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Leader and vice-leader of the Brazilian Championship have their paths crossed this Sunday, November 5, in a duel that gains ares of decision. For the thirty-second round of the Brasileirão, Corinthians will host Palmeiras starting at 5:00 p.m. with teams separated only by five points in the standings.
As has happened with all classics among Paulista teams, the confrontation, at the Corinthians Arena, will have only fans of alvinegro. This is determined by state security officials who are not competent to manage a two-player game.

The recent performance of Corinthians

After reaching the best performance in a first round of the history of the Brasileirão since 2003, when the runway system was deployed, Corinthians sees his carriage threatened to turn pumpkin well before midnight. In the second round, he presents team performance in the relegation zone.
This meant that his advantage over Palmeiras, who had his biggest break in 17 points, was substantially reduced threatening the achievement of a title that was given not only by fans, but by many analysts.
The so-called ‘surgical attack’ of Corinthians who, in the first round, was able to turn into goals the few opportunities created during the matches, fell in disgrace. Taking into account only the games of the second round, is the worst of the Brasileirao with only eight goals scored. Even Avaí who has scored just 22 goals in 31 rounds of the tournament has top performance in the period.
With a warning signal connected long ago, the rookie technician Fabio Carille has not managed to reverse the downward trend. Maintaining not only the layout, but also the players who were responsible for the spectacular start of Brasileirão, added just one point from the last 12 played. On Sunday, October 29, for round 31, lost by 1 to 0 of Ponte Preta, in Campinas.
The situation was not even more delicate because on Monday, October 30, at home, Palmeiras stayed in a 2-2 draw with Cruzeiro, wasting the chance to reduce their handicap to three points, which would give him the opportunity to take the lead in case of victory on Sunday.
Despite knowing that he will finish at the top of the leaderboard regardless of the result of the classic, Carille has been under pressure from fans and lived with criticism from analysts to promote changes in the team.
It does not, however, have a large number of options. Only two players are considered capable of helping the team improve their performance: Clayton and Gabriel Marquinhos. The latter, however, has already been discarded. Not by choice of the trainer, but by a muscle injury that caused him to be vetoed by the medical department.
So, Clayton is the last bullet Carille has on the needle. It could be used in both the midfielder Jadson and attacker Romero. The week’s training showed that the midfielder is the biggest contender to lose the spot among the starters.
A second change that can happen is in the protection behind. In training for the classic, Maycon gave way to Camacho. In this case, the exchange brings little technical or tactical effect, since they are players with characteristics and potential very close.
The pressure for immediate improvement exceeded all four lines. Graffiti and meetings of fans accusing athletes of not presenting the necessary dedication in the trainings, caused that the concentration for the classic was anticipated. Measure of who has to exaggerate the players in the nights.

The current form of Palmeiras

The weather is quite different in Palmeiras. Verdão has lived its hell through the season. He was eliminated in Campeonato Paulista, in the Copa do Brasil and in the Copa Libertadores of America. Besides, of course, be considered card out of the pack in the dispute for the national title.
A conjunction of two factors has substantially changed the scenario. The first of them, of course, was Corinthians’ brutal fall in income. The second was the growth of Palmeiras himself, especially after the dismissal of coach Cuca. Under the care of interim Alberto Valentin, the alvverde added ten of the last 12 points, giving hope to his fans of a historic turnaround.
However, the first test in this condition can not be considered a success. The team entered the field to face the Cruzeiro having knowledge of the Corinthian defeat. He was unable to increase his winning streak, which reached three games. He had as a mitigating factor the fact of having made a good start and managed to react after being disadvantaged on the scoreboard twice.
That was enough to give Valentin a boost in the changes he made to the team. Perhaps the most important of these was the Colombian Borja, who had been left behind by Cuca as a starter. He went up production and started putting the ball in the net.
For Sunday, the coach can win another important option. In the final stage of recovering muscle injury, striker William Bigode, who had been the highlight of the team before getting bruised, has great chances of being released to the classic.
When William was at his disposal, he acted as a ‘false nine.’ With his injury, Borja took over. It remains to be seen if Valentin will resume the previous format or try a strategy that allows the two attackers to act together.
Also returned to the trainings after spending a season in the medical department the Venezuelan midfielder Guerra. While still needing to improve his physical conditioning can be released to face Corinthians. It should not be placed as a holder, but related to the reservation bank.

History of the bouts between Corinthians and Palmeiras
In the Brasileirão, the Derby Paulista happened 48 times. There were 16 Palmeiras wins, 15 Corinthians and 17 draws. In the first round, alvinegro scored 2-0 at home.

Corinthians has been living with the pressure for the longest time since the start of the second round. Until the thirtieth round, Palmeiras was considered a sniper and said to have only goal and only to obtain a direct place for Copa Libertadores of America. Now, that has changed. The hope of conquest, which breathed by apparatuses, gained body and became part of the pretensions Palmeiras. This, of course, puts pressure on players’ backs.
This makes the classic even more tense than one might expect. Although Palmeiras has more technical resources, Corinthians can play at home and count on the support of their fans. Of breaking, you can still act the way you like. As the draw is not an acceptable result for the Verdão, the visiting team will have to take more chances and, in this way, can give space to the counterattacks of the rivals, especially at the points, since it has weak sides in the marking.
The scenario indicates the hunch in the success of the house owners. The price is 2.37 on Bet365. Draw shows return of 3.00 and success alviverde pays 3.30 per real bet.