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The game is tested when CSKA Moscow and Basel collide during Wednesday night.
A vital meeting between CSKA Moscow and Basel is in Group A when the Champions League group slash rolls on Wednesday night. Both teams have picked three points each after two played group game matches and one in the squad at Manchester United. Important games in play in pursuit of the advancement – the target game is worn up to 1.83 times the money.
CSKA Moscow got a dream start on the Champions League adventure when Benfica was defeated by 2-1 after an impressive turnaround. That victory was followed by an odious 4-1 loss at United last. Not much to say about the loss that goes completely in line with the expectations of the match. To release four boxes at home did raise questions about the defensive, then the Russians picked seven points on three played league matches while keeping the zero in all matches. Strong. You are currently writing on a third place in the table and three points at home are a must in the pursuit of the second place, which can be honestly considered a reasonable goal. Does not United really see the first place. Moscow is a rude hard-hitting home team and home-grown advantage can definitely play a crucial role here.
Basel started the Champions League adventure with a 3-0 loss away from United, after which the Swiss picked a 5-0 defeat at home against Benfica in the second half. Three invaluable points that make up for a second place in the table. You get to the match with a 4-0 victory away against Lugano in the league game and the goalkeeper has really been keen for the past few weeks. Of course, you have a tough mountain to climb when you stand against a home-made CSKA Moscow in Russia, but at the same time you come to the game with a good self-confidence. 9-0 in goal difference on the last three games, including the 5-0 squad against Benfica. The prerequisites are crystal clear – the second place must be defended at all costs.
With three vital points at stake there is a risk of some caution from both sides. Do not see any of the teams risk too much here, especially the guests who had not really laughed at a cross. Heavy injuries in both teams will allow for a given subtotal to 1.83 times the money. For the home team, Dzagoev and Berezutski are expected to miss the match due to injuries, while there are some questions about Wernblom, Golovin and Kuachaev, who are all risking losing the match. For the guest’s part, Wolfswinkel’s shooting king is missing and it is obviously a heavy offensive break. Vailati and Balanta are two insecure cards.