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Soccer Prediction Czech Republic U19 – Poland U19

Czech Republic U19 is the favorite in this match, according to betting agencies is the team from which the claims are bigger and right. In the first round of qualifying, it excelled defensively and offensive, managing to finish first in Group 3, where it scored 11 goals and did not even get one. However, in view of preparing this duel, the Czech Republic U19 succeeded one and a half months ago to be a humorous presence in front of Japan’s similar winner, losing 0-1, this being the only match this year.

On the other hand, Poland U19 does not leave room for interpretations when playing in official matches succeeding in the previous stage of the qualification to finish second, failure with Germany was the only match in which presented itself below expectations, but was somewhat expected . Under these circumstances, she finished second in Group 2 of which she took part in the first round of qualifying. Confident that he can leave a good impression, Poland U19 has not set up training matches in 2018, for which he has not played in front of opponents five months ago. The October 10 dispute was the latest.

Prediction Czech Republic U19 – Poland U19

But safety is not an easy match for both teams, considering that they come from a football school roughly the same, which I expect to be a balanced match. Thus, they faced one face once, on July 23, 2016, when the Czech Republic defeated Poland 2-0. It would not be ruled out that this game will repeat itself again, but I think there are great chances to see at least one half in the Czech Republic, this being the team that benefits from some better players.

Prediction of the Day: Czech Republic U19 – Poland U19 hosts win
Odds: 1.50
Prediction Today: Czech Republic U19 – Poland U19 hosts win
Odds: 2.00