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Darts legends in a duel: Taylor challenges Barney in his own living room!

The Power vs Barney! The hottest duel in darts in the last 20 years goes into the unofficial 84th edition on Wednesday!

The exit restrictions in many European countries do not prevent darts from having a hot duel.

Phil Taylor challenges Raymond van Barneveld in his own living room. On April 1st the remote duel will take place from a distance of 450 kilometers. Both ex-professionals will compete against each other on an electronic darts machine.

Although the Englishman has not competed in professional tournaments for a few years and ended his career after the lost World Cup final in 2018 against Rob Cross exactly 27 months ago, The Power is in the darts legend duel with betting odds up to 1.60 (Barneveld 2 , 30) declared a favorite.

Taylor vs Barney Best odds

🎯 Betting Tips: Phil Taylor
📈 Odds: 1.60
🎯 Betting Tips: Raymond van Barneveld
📈 Odds: 2.30

Taylor vs. Barney is not an ordinary darts competition. The Dutchman openly announced that he would never call the 16-time world champion a friend. The Power, on the other hand, has long since overcome the verbal and non-verbal exchange of numerous niceties and has always emphasized that it will lack the classic against the arch enemy.

The direct comparison speaks clearly for Taylor!

Phil Taylor won 61 times out of 83 so far. Accordingly, almost 75% of the duels went to the English, who cost Barney innumerable pounds and various world titles.

The last time The Power and Barney faced each other at the Champions League of Darts 2017 (10: 6 for Taylor!). However, it is by no means the case that the heroes of the sport do not constantly run into each other. Various exhibitions are advertised with both faces on announcement posters.

Even at the Celebrity Darts World Cup show in January, Taylor and Barneveld were on the same oche. Bet that there will be a big match on Wednesday, despite the physical separation?

Darts legend duel: info

📺 TV / Stream: Facebook, channel follows
🗓️ Date, time: April 1, 2020
📈 Betting odds: Taylor: 1.60 / Barney: 2.30
Match format: follows

The game went to Barney: 2007 World Cup title in Sudden Death Leg

It is undisputed that there are no friendly matches between these two challengers. To this day, Taylor will be worried that in 2007 he lost the Sudden Death Leg at 6: 6 after sets and 5: 5 in the final 13th round of the World Cup final despite a perfect start with the 180 and Barney crowned himself world champion.

Officially, the old men contest the duel on Wednesday as part of the Nexus Electronic Darts Challenge. Taylor made it clear several times in advance how much he was looking forward to the duel: “I love to play against Barney. We have had incredible duels in the past. Even if we are not in the same room, it will still have the same competitive character as usual! ”

Taylor vs Barney: game format, livestream & outlook

The distance played is still uncertain. Betting base will inform you as soon as further information becomes known. The venues for this are indisputable. Phil Taylor will meet Barney in his living room in Stoke-on-trent, which is in The Hague (Netherlands) at the same time. The betting base also contains the most important information for darts betting.

It is conceivable that this duel streamed on Facebook is only the start of a longer series of virtual darts matches, as long as the crisis does not pass and normal tournaments start again.

Bet base prediction: Taylor vs Barneveld

Betting base has a little doubt about the clear favorite role of the 16-time world champion. Since Taylor has not been active in the professional circus for a long time, the chances should be around 50/50 on Wednesday evening so that the value is on the Dutch side!

Key facts – The Power vs Barney

🎯 Taylor has been away from everyday darts for two years
🎯 Barneveld didn’t finish his career until December
🎯 Taylor won 61 of the 83 direct duels to date