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Diriangen vs Chinandega Free Betting Tips

Will Diriangen stay connected to the semi-finals?

In Nicaragua, the basic round of the second half – officially known as Clausura – is coming to an end. In the tens league, there are still four game days on the program before the play-offs begin. The top two are in the semi-finals, while the teams in places three to six are in the quarter-finals. Three teams are currently fighting for the direct semi-final qualification, with Diriangen FC playing the role of hunter. In the English week there is a duel between Diriangen and Chinandega.

The gap to capital club Managua is currently three points, second place is just nine goals away. Accordingly, a hot finish is imminent in the next few days. However, this also applies to the guests, who recently not only gained a lot of self-confidence with two zero wins in a row, but also fought for the coveted sixth place. Despite the two successes, the guests are considered a clear outsider.

A look at the betting base odds comparison provides in the duel between Diriangen and Chinandega currently odds of maximum 1.36 for the home win.

Diriangen – Statistics & current form

The club from Diriamba can look back on more than 100 years of club history, since the club was founded in 1917. In the long history, a total of 25 title wins were celebrated. However, the glory days of one of the oldest football clubs in Central America were a while ago. Only four championships were added in the 21st century, although two are held annually in Nicaragua.

In the first half of the season, the Apertura, the club reached second place despite a catastrophic start to the season and thus directly fixed the semi-finals. However, the good form could not be taken into the play-off games and so came the end against the title holder Real Esteli.

The defensive is considered a showpiece

After two games without a win at the start of the Clausura championship, Diriangen took off and hurried from win to win. The defensive in particular presented itself as a guarantee of success. The head coach Flavio da Silva’s team had to concede just three goals in the first ten league games. Thanks to the few goals conceded on the offensive, a few goals were often enough to be successful.

In the last four league games, this sovereignty has been somewhat lost in the game against the ball. Diriangen had to concede no less than seven goals in these four games. The appearance at Juventus Managua last weekend was absolutely disappointing when they were able to cope with a 0: 3 defeat.

At home, Diriangen is considered a power

Three goals against in a game are definitely a rarity, but weakening performances in a foreign place are not really. Diriangen always has to accept slip-ups. The view of the results in the Estadio Cacique Diriangen is completely different. For the last home defeat, we have to go back to February 2nd. After a 1: 2 against Deportivo Las Sabanas there were seven wins and a draw.

Overall, the loss mentioned in February is the only home defeat in the last 16 games (twelve wins, three draws, one loss). Given these numbers, the prediction of home win is an obvious option between Diriangen and Chinandega.

Probable formation of Dirianges:

Espinoza – Montiel, Hernandez, Laureiro, Zapata – Lopez, Fletes – Roman, Acuna, Jarquin – Zuniga

Last games from Diriangen:

Liga Primera Clausura
⚽️ 04/05 2020 Juventus FC 3 – 0 Diriangén FC
⚽️ 04/02 2020 Diriangén FC 2 – 1 Deportivo Walter Ferretti
⚽️ 03/29 2020 Managua FC 2 – 1 Diriangén FC
⚽️ 03/25 2020 Deportivo Las Sabanas 1 – 1 Diriangén FC
⚽️ 03/22 2020 Diriangén FC 2 – 0 Deportivo Ocotal

Chinandega – Statistics & current form

Compared to the host from Diriamba, the club from Chinandega, a city in the north-west of Nicaragua with just under 130,000 inhabitants, is a relatively young club. The club was founded in 1975 and was promoted to the top division in summer 2011. Nevertheless, the club is considered a pioneer, since Reyna Espinoza has been a coach for the first division team since 2015.

The play-offs have always been a long way off

Chinandega has not been particularly successful in recent years. Since 2017/18 – the first year in which the top six moved into the play-offs – there has never been a successful qualification for the Reyna team. Before this season, eighth place with 18 points was the maximum feeling for the underdog.

But already in the current first half of the season there was an increase in form and as seventh in the table, the first time they reached the six-play-offs were missed very thinly. The 22 points also set a new record in the recent past. Chinandega currently holds 18 points from 14 games and is sixth in the table. The lead over the table seventh is currently two points. But now there are two difficult games against Diriangen and the reigning title holder Real Esteli.

A 0: 7 as a wake-up call

Who would have thought that a few days ago? Against Walter Ferretti, the Reyna team slipped into a violent debacle. Chinandega had to surrender 0: 7 away. But this bankruptcy was apparently a wake-up call, because in the last two games the team was not only compact on the defensive, but also quite pleasing in the game forward.

Against Juventus Managua (the direct competitor for sixth place) and Municipal Jalapa (currently fifth), two zero victories were achieved, which put Chinandega in sixth place.

Confidence is back with the underdog, nevertheless it has to be mentioned that the team is a welcome guest, especially in a foreign place. The 1-0 away win at Jalapa last weekend was an absolute rarity, only two of the last 14 away games were made victorious. Despite two positive results, with these away statistics between Diriangen and Chinandega, a tip on the guests is too risky.

Probable lineup Chinandega:

Canate – Cabria, Melendez, Alvarado, Espinoza – Lazo, Gutierrez – Loaisiga, Zuniga, Barrios – Alcazar

Last games from Chinandega:

Liga Primera Clausura
⚽️ 04/06 2020 ART Municipal Jalapa 0 – 1 Chinandega FC
⚽️ 04/01 2020 Chinandega FC 4 – 0 Juventus FC
⚽️ 03/30 2020 Deportivo Walter Ferretti 7 – 0 Chinandega FC
⚽️ 03/25 2020 Chinandega FC 0 – 1 Managua FC
⚽️ 03/23 2020 Deportivo Las Sabanas 1 – 1 Chinandega FC

Diriangen vs. Chinandega Direct comparison

The first three games in the current season have one thing in common. In the three games between Diriangen and Chinandega, the tip of the away win was the right decision, and the home team could not celebrate a single goal.

In the first half of the season – the Apertura – Chinandega prevailed 1-0 at Diriangen before the current third in the table of the current Clausura championship prevailed both in the first (2-0) and in the second half (1-0) at Chinandega kept. Another commonality is that so far not a single goal has been scored in the first half.

Diriangen vs Chinandega Free Betting Tips

If a cross-comparison is used, the prognosis for guests is extremely tempting between Diriangen and Chinandega. Finally, the home side had to admit defeat to Juventus Managua recently, while Chinandega celebrated a clear victory against that opponent. However, Diriangen had to admit defeat abroad, the third place in the table is much stronger at home.

Key facts – Diriangen vs Chinandega tips

Diriangen fights for the direct semi-final qualification
In each of the first three duels of the season, the guests won
After a 0: 7 swatter, Chinandega recently rehabilitated with two to zero victories

The convincing home statistics of the home side contrast with the extremely weak away statistics of the current table sixth. In this respect, we find the odds offered between Diriangen and Chinandega absolutely traceable. However, a 1.36 is not particularly lucrative for the home win and therefore we try our luck with a tip on the handicap success.

Diriangen’s offensive is much more dangerous at home and in that respect we also have a good feeling for a win with two goals difference. The use of six units is acceptable.

Betting Tips: Handicap: victory at home -1.5
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 7/10 units

Liga Primera Clausura
04/09/2020 Deportivo Las Sabanas – ART Municipal Jalapa
04/09/2020 Managua FC – Deportivo Ocotal
04/09/2020 Diriangén FC – Chinandega FC
04/09/2020 Deportivo Walter Ferretti – Real Madriz FC
04/09/2020 Real Esteli FC – Juventus FC
04/11/2020 Chinandega FC – Real Esteli FC
04/12/2020 ART Municipal Jalapa – Diriangén FC
04/12/2020 Deportivo Las Sabanas – Managua FC
04/12/2020 Juventus FC – Real Madriz FC
04/13/2020 Deportivo Ocotal – Deportivo Walter Ferretti