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FC Helsingør cuts a good deal below this line and is having a hard time on the third. Silkeborg has a strong right side with Gammelby and Skov, but is away from home as well as dominating the ball as at home on the artificial grass.

It speaks for the game:
FC Helsingør is the team that is next to the smallest corner in the matches. The team has only 3.6 corners per season in the first 13 matches of the season. match.
The home team’s big problem is that after the sale of Mads Aaquist and André Riel there are major problems in the last third.
It is difficult to play the chances big enough, which also minimizes the number of corners for the team.
Silkeborg is not as dominant on the corner side of the away team as home ground where you have a fast artificial turf to play.
At home you get 7.2 per. match versus 3.6 per. match away. Now you have to get up on an occasional slow runway in Elsinore if it does not rain.
The line in a normal Superliga match (minus Brøndby matches) is at 9.5 corner per. match. It’s hard to see why it should be in 10.5 here.

Keep an eye on:
As mentioned above, Silkeborg has been cornered at home and has been out of action against teams like Horsens and Lyngby, having a nice number of corner parks.
Peter Sørensen’s troops have had a hard game away from the team, but have met teams like Brøndby, FCK, FCM and AaB.
Silkeborg has a strong right side with Robert Skov and offensive Jens Martin Gammelby. Gregor Sikosek is also offensive on the left side.
FC Helsingør really does the ball in stages 1 and 2. Can you build on the finishing touch?
Silkeborg is probably again without manager Dennis Flinta in the central defense, where the replacement, young Tobias Salquist, does not have the same level.