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FIFA20 Bundesliga Home Challenge: favorites, schedule, mode & odds

DFL offers sports entertainment with FIFA20 tournament!

Hoffenheim, Augsburg and Darmstadt have a three-way battle for the championship in the Bundesliga.

What at first sounds like a late April Fool’s joke is meant completely seriously – if only virtually.

The DFL has launched a new eSports competition to bridge football-free time: the FIFA20 Bundesliga Home Challenge!

In the ongoing virtual showdown of the football clubs from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga, other teams have joined in the past few weeks, including a referee team with Deniz Aytekin and Daniel Schlager. FC Bayern Munich cannot take part in the Home Challenge due to the current sponsorship agreement from game manufacturer KONAMI, a major competitor of EA Sports.
Fortuna Dusseldorf is another missing first division team at the FIFA20 tournament of the DFL. So far, the ratings for the German eSports tournament have been quite impressive. Among other things, this is certainly thanks to the best bookmakers who offer odds for potential tips for every match day at the Bundesliga Home Challenge.

The betting base provides the most important information for the DFL’s FIFA20 tournament, including participants and teams from the Bundesliga Home Challenge, as well as game mode and schedule. There is also a continuous summary of the FIFA20 betting odds for the upcoming match day.

Participants in the FIFA20 Home Challenge
Home Challenge Teams:

Borussia Dortmund
Bayer 04 Leverkusen
Eintracht Frankfurt
FC Schalke 04
FC Augsburg
1.FSV Mainz 05
1. FC Cologne
Hertha BSC
RB Leipzig
Sc freiburg
SC Paderborn
SV Werder Bremen
TSG Hoffenheim
1. FC Union Berlin
Borussia Monchengladbach
VfL Wolfsburg
2.Bundesliga 1.FC Nuremberg
Arminia Bielefeld
Dynamo Dresden
FC St. Pauli
Hamburger SV
Hannover 96
VfB Stuttgart
Holstein Kiel
SpVgg Greuther Fürth
SSV Jahn Regensburg
SV Darmstadt 98
SV Wehen Wiesbaden
VfL Bochum

A total of 29 teams from the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga take part in the Bundesliga Home Challenge. Deniz Aytekin and Daniel Schlager will also represent a referee team at the FIFA20 tournament. Matchday after matchday there is rotation with the respective FIFA20 teams of the Bundesliga teams.

In addition to various eSport athletes, several soccer professionals have already taken part in the DFL Bundesliga Home Challenge. The performance of Munas Dabbur (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) was particularly praiseworthy. After his great triumph at the Interwetten Home Cup, the Israeli also mixed up the FIFA 20 tournament of the DFL.

Game mode & rules of virtual force measurement

FIFA20 Home Challenge – game mode & rules

• Participants: At least one soccer professional must be represented in each team. The second participant within the team can be chosen arbitrarily. As a rule, the Bundesliga clubs use eSports players (if available).

• Venue: The games take place in online mode at FIFA20. The game is played exclusively on the console “PlayStation 4”. While some players are switched on live during the matches, other participants do not use a live cam during the game.

• Playing time: A total of 25 minutes of playing time is planned per schedule. The results of the individual games flow into the overall result.

• Equal opportunities: To ensure that every participant has the same chances of winning regardless of class difference and the quality of the team as the supposedly stronger opponent, the games will be played in “85 mode” at FIFA20. Each player at FIFA20 therefore has a level of “85”, which guarantees equal opportunities in the eSports tournament.

TV & livestream for the FIFA20 Challenge

TV / livestream: YouTube (official channel: Virtual Bundesliga)

Twitch, RAN, SkySport, eSports, Sport1, DAZN

The Bundesliga Home Challenge match days can be seen live on the “Virtual Bundesliga” YouTube channel. More streams with various commentators can also be found on Twitch and Facebook. RAN, SkySport, DAZN and Sport1 also broadcast the FIFA20 tournament live. The games start on Saturday and Sunday.

Germany Home Challenge – next game day

April 18, 2020 Darmstadt – Frankfurt 4.
04/18/2020 Mainz – Wiesbaden 4.
04/18/2020 Dortmund – Schalke 4.
April 18, 2020 Werder Bremen – Kiel 4.
04/18/2020 Gladbach – Cologne 4.
04/18/2020 Hoffenheim – Referee 4.
04/18/2020 Bochum – Leverkusen 4th
04/18/2020 Wolfsburg – Hannover 4.
April 19, 2020 Stuttgart – Freiburg 4.
04/19/2020 Union Berlin – Hertha 4.
04/19/2020 Augsburg – Regensburg 4.
04/19/2020 HSV – St. Pauli 4.
04/19/2020 Nuremberg – Fürth 4.
04/19/2020 RB Leipzig – Dresden 4.
04/19/2020 Paderborn – Bielefeld 4.

FIFA20 Home Challenge – favorites or outsiders?

The fact that there are no clear favorites in the Bundesliga Home Challenge and bookmakers often make mistakes when setting betting odds became clear on the first three matchdays of the FIFA20 tournament. Especially in the overall result, there were always big surprises, which was mainly due to the individual game results of the football professionals.

While eSports athletes play the FIFA20 games at a tactically very high level and therefore often only celebrate scarce victories, the matches among the football professionals are unusually high for FIFA20 standards.

Don’t overestimate your favorite role

So the motto was: If possible, avoid FIFA20 betting on big favorites. The best example was on the first match day of the Bundesliga Home Challenge when Werder Bremen lost the match against Nuremberg with the FIFA single champion “MegaBit” – mind you in the overall result.

Maximilian Eggestein had overshadowed Michael Bittner’s good single game result with a catastrophic performance. Since the duels in the Bundesliga Home Challenge are not included in any official rating, the defeat for Werder Bremen’s eSports athletes will have to cope with.

The most important information about the Fifa20 Home Challenge

In some pairings, predictions of a winner are difficult to determine in the FIFA20 Home Challenge, as players are difficult to analyze due to the lack of information and statistics. So it is sometimes not foreseeable how football professionals line up on the PS4 console. In this case, surprises cannot be ruled out.

In addition, it should be borne in mind that, in contrast to recreational FIFA20 players, eSports players play much more tactically and thus can be ruled out with a certain amount. In contrast to this, soccer professionals are always at goal festivals when it comes to direct online duels. FIFA20 live betting is certainly not wrong in this case, especially since odds of over the usual 1.85 mark are offered for over 2.5 goals.

Fifa 20 Bundesliga Challenge Tips

Many odds fluctuations in the FIFA20 betting odds of the Home Challenge.
Some bookmakers – especially Bet-at-home – offer live betting for the Bundesliga Home Challenge.
So far there have been numerous surprises on the first three match days of the FIFA20 Challenge.

Many bookmakers have already included the Fifa 20Home Challenge including odds in the betting program. While some betting providers constantly adjust the betting odds, others in turn waive the fluctuations, which in part leads to the fact that surety bets or arbitrage bets can be found. It is no longer a secret for bet-loving sports fans that profit can be achieved with it.

Fifa 20 Bundesliga Home Challenge – Results last match day

11.04.2020 Gladbach – Frankfurt (8: 3) 3.
04/11/2020 Schalke – Hannover (5: 9) 3.
04/11/2020 Dortmund – RB Leipzig (2: 6) 3.
04/11/2020 Werder Bremen – Wolfsburg (3: 7) 3.
04/11/2020 Bielefeld – Regensburg (8: 3) 3.
11.04.2020 Cologne – Bochum (3: 6) 3.
04/11/2020 Leverkusen – Stuttgart (4:11) 3.
04/11/2020 Fürth – Kiel (8: 4) 3.
April 12, 2020 Dresden – Hertha (2: 3) 3.
04/12/2020 Mainz – Augsburg (1:10) 3.
04/12/2020 Wiesbaden – HSV (5: 0) 3.
04/12/2020 Referee – Darmstadt (1:10) 3.
12.04.2020 Hoffenheim – St. Pauli (6: 4) 3.
04/12/2020 Union Berlin – Nürnberg (0: 4) 3.
04/12/2020 Paderborn – Freiburg (3: 7) 3.