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The Grêmio reserve team will be in charge of representing the club this Sunday, October 22, in the match against Palmeiras for the thirtieth round of the Brazilian Championship of 2017. Starting at 17h (Brasília time) the game takes place at the Arena Grêmio in Porto Alegre.

Grêmio’s recent performance

If there was any doubt regarding the lack of interest of the Grêmio in the dispute of the Brasileirão it was dissipated on Wednesday. Vice-leader of the tournament, the gaucho club had a great opportunity to reduce its disadvantage in comparison with Corinthians. However, he did not show any boldness in seeking a victory at the Corinthians Arena, in São Paulo, contenting himself with the 0-0.
It was enough to keep in second place. With 50 points (15 wins, five draws and nine defeats), he divides the position with Palmeiras and Santos, although it has an advantage in comparison with the Paulistas when the tiebreaker criteria are used.
Grêmio’s big target at the end of the year is the Copa Libertadores Cup. Next Wednesday, October 24, will open its participation in the semifinals of the 2017 edition of the South American competition against Barcelona in Guayaquill.
Adept of the saying that it is better a bird in the hand than two flying, the technician Renato Gaucho preferred to leave aside the possibility that had to seek a reaction in the final days of the Brasileirão and to focus all their efforts in the attempt to surpass the Ecuadorians who have already left Palmeiras and Santos.
This preparation for the duel in Ecuador may involve the lineup of a player who is considered starting in Sunday’s match. Midfielder Luan, who was about a month away from a muscle injury, was promoted to start against Corinthians. Could not get to the end. You can have the opportunity to play a few more minutes against the Palmeiras to gain a rhythm of play aiming at the confrontation in Guayaquill.
It is still possible, it is not likely, that the midfielder Michel is related to the match. The player underwent knee surgery and resumed training on Thursday, October 19, after a month away. Depending on your reaction to the drills effort may be included in the reserve database of the duel against the São Paulo alviverde on Sunday.

The current form of Palmeiras

Without compromises for any last tournament and after dismissing Coach Cuca, Palmeiras has a unique and exclusive focus on the final days of the Campeonato Brasileirão. It is the attempt to reach its tenth title in the competition, according to the statistics of the CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation), being the second consecutive. Of breaking, still could impose to the rival Corinthians a historical humiliation.
On the night of Thursday, October 19, he took another step in that direction by overtaking Pacaembu, Ponte Preta, by 2 to 0, reaching the 50 points (15 wins, five draws and nine defeats) reducing to nine his disadvantage in relation to Corinthians.
Assistant coach Paulo Valentin, who has been placed as an interim coach by the end of the season, knows that this historic achievement opportunity could also be a major step in his career, even if he does not make it to the club for 2018, as Mano Menezes , currently in Cruzeiro, is the coach preferred by the top men to take charge of the club.
To face Grêmio, he probably will not be able to repeat the team that beat Ponte Preta and, before, had scored 3 to 1 at Atlético-GO. Striker William suffered a muscle injury in the match against the Macaca. He was replaced by the Colombian Borja, who made the second goal of the victory and should be kept in the post if the contusion in the left thigh of William is not healed in time.

History of the clashes between Grêmio and Palmeiras
Palmeiras won 22 of their 52 games against Grêmio in the history of the Brasileirão. The draws were 19 and the Gremista victories were recorded in 11 opportunities. In the first round of the 2017 season, both teams played with reserves and Verdão won by 1-0.