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Guadalupe F.C. vs AD Municipal Perez Zeledon Free Betting Tips

Guadalupe F.C. faces AD Municipal Pérez Zeledón in the Clausura second leg

On the 18th matchday of the Primera División Clausura of Costa Rica, Guadalupe F.C. Municipal receives Pérez Zeledón. The game will kick off on May 28, 2020. They have faced each other three times this season. So far, each team has won once, interestingly each time the away team and in the first leg of the Clausura they shared the points, because this ended with a 1: 1. Until Dato Zeledón has won a bit more. However, they have been coached by Johnny Chaves since the beginning of March and under his leadership the success was still lacking.

Can Guadalupe F.C. win the Clausura second leg against Pérez Zeledón?

Guadalupe Fútbol Club is a fairly young football club that comes from a suburb of San José, the capital of Costa Rica. This is called Guadalupe. The Apertura, the so-called autumn championship, ended in 8th place in the table with 26 points. Pérez Zeledón was just a little stronger. At that time, they were the seventh best home and third weakest away team. Her offensive was the seventh best and her defensive the eighth best. So they ended up being a little stronger than Pérez Zeledón. In the spring championship, the Clausura, which is known to be playing, they currently occupy 5th place in front of Pérez Zeledón. They are currently the fourth best in the home stadium and the eighth best away. So far, they have won 5 out of 8 home games and made 2 draws. Only once did they surrender to a home backdrop. They scored 12 times and only allowed 3 goals. Away they could only decide 1 game and 5 draws were still possible. They accepted 3 losses. While they only finished 9 times, they allowed 15 points.

The team under coach Géiner Segura has not suffered a single defeat in the last 5 match days. They won 3 games and were able to draw 2 draws. Segura has been under contract with Guadalupe since January 1, 2018. He has already won the direct trainer duel, because he won 7 out of 11 games against Chaves and only had to surrender twice. 2 draws were still possible. He won 2 out of 9 games against Pérez Zeledón and was able to provide 4 draws. He only lost 3 times.

Last 2 results for Guadalupe F.C.

Costa Rica Primera División
May 25, 2020 CS Herediano vs Guadalupe F.C. 0-0
Costa Rica Primera División
May 19, 2020 Guadalupe F.C. vs Limón FC 1-0

Can AD Municipal Pérez Zeledón win the 2nd consecutive away game against Guadalupe?

The Asociactión Deportiva Municipal Pérez Zeledón has previously won the Apertura. The football club from the Canton of Pérez Zeledón decided this so-called autumn championship in 2017. In 2019, they ended it with 28 points in 6th place. They were the fourth weakest in graduation and the sixth best in defense. They also provided the fourth weakest away team and the fifth best home team. The Clausura, also called the spring championship, is currently not going as desired. They are currently in 10th place, which is the third to last. They are the second weakest team in front of their home team and the third weakest team abroad. To date, they have won only 2 home and away games. 1 draw away and 3 in front of home crowd. They surrendered five times and suffered four defeats at home. Away they made 8:12 in 8 games and in 9 home games 11 goals were possible, 16 they had to allow.

They have not won since 5 games in the strongest football league of Costa Rica. They suffered four losses and one game ended with a 1-1 draw. In those defeats, they weren’t even good for a goal. Johnny Chaves has been a contract with Pérez Zeledón since March 9, 2020. He was previously under contract for 250 games at FC Santos with rather modest success. We have already written about the direct trainer duel. Chaves, however, has faced Guadalupe in 28 games. He won 10 and lost 12. A draw was possible 6 times. Pérez Zeledón has completed 3 games under his leadership. They have not won any of them yet, but had to accept 2 defeats and 1 draw. 1: 3 goals were possible. All in all, a win against Guadalupe will probably be difficult.

The last 2 results of AD Municipal Pérez Zeledón

Costa Rica Primera División
May 24, 2020 AD Municipal Pérez Zeledón vs CS Cartaginés 0: 1
Costa Rica Primera Division
20.05.2020 Municipal Grecia vs AD Municipal Pérez Zeledón 1-0

Guadalupe FC vs AD Pérez Zeledón Direct comparison

There have not been many games between these two clubs yet. Out of 11 games since August 27th, 2017 only 2 Guadalupe won and 5 games ended in a draw. Pérez Zeledón won 4 games. Guadalupe met 9 times and Pérez Zeledón 11 times. Only three times scored over 2.5 goals in these games. For example, that was the case in Guadalupe’s last home game. The team from Pérez Zeledón won this. Both teams met seven times. The second half of the game ended in a draw six times. Pérez Zeledón decided three times the first and just as often the second half. In total there were 35 games, of which Guadalupe 10 and Pérez Zeledón 13 decided. They split 12 times with a draw. 37:42 is the goal balance. Guadalupe’s last home win was 2-1 on 25.09.2016.

Key points for the match Guadalupe F.C. vs AD Municipal Perez Zeledon

Guadalupe F.C.

Are undefeated against Pérez Zeledón since 2 match days
Take 5th place in the Clausura with 25 points
Won 2 out of 11 games against Pérez Zeledón
Have been unbeaten for 5 match days

AD Municipal Pérez Zeledón

Have won against Guadalupe more often
Could decide the last away game against Guadalupe
Have not yet won under coach Johnny Chaves
Have a weakness away from home

Betting Tips and Odds Comparison

Betting Tips: Guadalupe F.C.
Odds: 1.85
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.35
Betting Tips: AD Municipal Perez Zeledon
Odds: 3.85

Guadalupe F.C. vs AD Municipal Perez Zeledon Free Betting Tips

We believe a little more in a victory for Guadalupe F. C. which is why we can recommend to bet onGuadalupe F.C.. The odds in the winning bet are lucrative. Over / Under bets would bet on over 2.5 goals and both teams to score. After all, that was the case in the last clash and Guadalupe’s last home game.

Betting Tips: Under 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.85
Betting Tips: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.90