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Coming from the Second Division and with surprising campaigns at the start of the 2017/10/10 German Championship season, Hannover and Stuttgart will have their paths crossed this Friday, November 24th. Starting at 5:30 p.m., the teams open the thirteenth round of the Bundesliga. The match will be held at the HDI-Arena in Hannover.

The recent performance of Hannover

The owners of the house had a more promising start. They came to be in the front pack of the standings after an unbeaten run that lasted six rounds. It was three wins and three draws. However, it has shown that its technical and economic limitations have been achieved. It suffered two defeats in the previous days falling to the eighth position.
With 18 points (five wins, three draws and four defeats), Hannover have the possibility of returning to the European tournament qualifying zone on Friday. This block is closed by Hoffenheim, sixth place, with 20 points.
To that end, coach Andre Breitenreiter will need to put order in the Bundesliga’s third-best defense, but they have conceded four goals in defeat against Werder Bremen in the relegation zone the previous day.
Part of that underperforming performance can be placed in the account of two major embezzlements. The titular goalkeeper, Philipp Tschauner (11 matches in the 2017/2018 German Championship), can not play. Injured, he was replaced by Michael Esser, who did not play well. Of the seven finals made by Werder Bremen throughout the match, more than half (four) ended up stopping at the bottom of their net.
Tshauner still depends on a new evaluation from the medical department to see if he can act. If it is vetoed again, Esser follows as the first choice for the post. However, due to his poor performance, he could end up losing the place to Samuel Radlinger, according to reserve.
The goalkeeper, however, was not the only major casualty on the defense. Waldermar Anton (11 matches, no goal) was also left with knee injury. The scenario was complicated by also being bruised the Brazilian Felipe Martins (four games, no goal), who does not own, but appears as an option when there are injuries in the sector.
Medical problems also hit midfield, with Edgar Prib and the attack, with Uffe Bech and Joel Sarenren. In such cases, however, casualties are less felt since they are only athletes for casting.

The current form of Stuttgart

Stuttgart have a performance line against Hannover. It had a bad start but showed reaction with three wins in the last five games. In that way, he reached 16 points (five wins, one draw and six losses), taking eleventh place.
Having a primary goal not to return to Bundesliga 2, he opened a considerable eight-point lead against Werder Bremen, who with eight points (one win, five draws and six defeats) opened the sixteenth relegation
However, there is a common point among them: the large number of injured athletes. In the infirmary of Stuttgart, they are in treatment of injury reserve keeper Alexander Meyer (without performances in season 2017/2018 of the German Championship); defenders Marcin Kaminski (eight games, no goal) and Matthias Zimmermann (two matches, no goal); and striker Anastasios Donis (seven games, one goal).
However, what plagues the fans of the club is the disastrous Stuttgart campaign as a visitor. He lost all six of his games in that situation with 13 goals and just three. Naturally, it is the worst in this category in the German Championship with worse performance even than the teams that are in the relegation zone.

History of the bouts between Hannover and Stuttgart
Hannover have beaten Stuttgart in the last three times the teams have come face to face. The previous season, the teams were in Bundesliga B.

The two recent defeats are likely to make Hannover take a more cautious stance even against a rival who has failed to make even six appearances as visitors. Thus, the draw is the best option for the match with a quote of 3.40 in Bet365. Success of home owners pays 2.37 and Stuttgart earns 2.90 for 1.