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In her fight for recovery, Borussia Dortmund will visit this Friday, January 19, Hertha Berlin. In the Olympic stadium, the match will open the nineteenth round of the German Championship in its 2017/2018 season. The beginning is scheduled for 17:30 (Brasília time)

Hertha Berlin’s recent performance

The Olympic stadium was key to Hertha last season. The excellent results at home allowed the team to dream of winning a spot in European tournaments. The team was among the top five constituents pretty much throughout the competition.
That yield fell brutally in the current version of the Bundesliga. With 14 points (four wins, two draws and three defeats), the German capital is only the 12th best when only the results of each team are considered at the stadium.
This reflected directly on the pretensions for the season. Eleventh in the Bundesliga with 24 points (six wins, six draws and six defeats), the team are four points away from Borussia Monchengladbach, which closes the ranking zone for European tournaments occupying the sixth place. The difference is not irreversible, but four other teams are among them.

The current form of Borussia Dortmund

With a much bigger budget and with technically superior players, Borussia Dortmund also had to limit their goals in the current season. Eliminated from the European Champions League and the German Cup, the team came to lead the Bundesliga, but fell. Now the fight for the runner-up is what remains.
The resumption of the season was not the most exciting. After less than a month of stoppage of the German Championship, Dortmund received Wolfsburg in the first round of the second round. It was 0-0.
The game served to open another relationship crisis in the club. The striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (15 games in the 2017/2018 season of the German Championship, 13 goals), was removed from the game. He missed a meeting scheduled the day before by coach Peter Stoger.
Aubameyang was also responsible for the early fall of Dutchman Petr Bosz, who was unable to remain in office for six months. The coach got off to a great start and put Dortmund in the lead, but he came under fire from the squad for the preferential treatment of the striker who won the African best player award last year. Do not punish your faults and delays to training. It ended up falling.
Aubameyang’s attitudes are attributed to the fact that he was unhappy earlier in the season because he was not traded by the German club. Although he apparently lost his arm drop, he was missing within the four lines. Without their top scorer, Dortmund shot 19 finals in the match against Wolfsburg and only one of them was on target.
This, however, is not Stoger’s only problem. He has a number of doubts to escalate the team due to concussions. They are in treatment of injury the goalkeeper Dominik Reimann (without performances in season 2017/2018 of the German Championship); defenders Marc Bartra (12 games, two goals) and Marcel Schmelzer (nine games, no goal); and socks Maximilian Phillipp (11 games, six goals) and Christian Pulsic (16 games, three goals).

History of the bouts between Hertha Berlin and Borussia Dortmund
After facing Hertha three times in the previous season without being able to win (two draws and one defeat in Bundesliga and German Cup matches), Borussia ended the fasting in the first round of the 2017/2018 German Championship by scoring 2-0 in their domains.
The prices for * Hertha Berlin to Borussia Dortmund
The instability in Dortmund is great. It is not known what will be the outcome of the soap opera Aybameyang, but the club will hardly leave the most expensive athlete in the group receiving their salary without giving back. Sooner or later it will end up being climbed again.
The lack of clearer scenery and Hertha’s modest but consistent football make the draw a good guess for the confrontation. Has a price of 3.50 in Bet365. Success of home owners yields 3.60 and visitor win paid 2.05 per 1. Quotes were in effect at 10h43 on 1/18/2018.