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Italy – Saudi Arabia Soccer Prediction of the Day

This is a difficult time for Squadra Azzura players, who will follow the next World Cup behind their screens. Work has already begun for Roberto Mancini, the new coach, to rebuild a team shaken by this historic failure. The Italians will have to regain their audience and reassure themselves in view of the Euro 2020. This operation reconquest begins with a friendly match unpublished against Saudi Arabia, qualified for the World Cup 2018

The key points of the prediction Italy – Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia has great difficulties facing the European nations. In the last four meetings where she played against a European country, she lost 3 times in a draw.

Saudi Arabia can not stand up to big nations. Since 2017, the team lost on clear scores against 2 teams of the same caliber as Italy: 3-0 against Portugal, and 4-0 against Belgium.

Even if the match will be played in Switzerland, Italy will play in the conditions of a home match. Squadra Azzura is also undefeated at home for 9 consecutive games, with a record of 5 wins and 4 draws.

Italy – Saudi Arabia Prediction

In search of forgetting the historic failure of the non-qualifying for the next World Cup, Italy is already starting its preparations for the Euro 2020. Faced with a weak team from Saudi Arabia and seen the difference in level enough consequent between the 2 teams, we see the Squadra Azzura hang an easy victory.

Prediction of the Day: Italy wins
Odds: 1.3