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The quarter-finals at the Women’s World Cup 2019 has developed into a European Championship, to which one has kindly invited the world champion USA. Seven of the eight quarter-finalists come from the old continent. This means that there will continue to be a hitting and stinging match for UEFA’s three UEFA Olympic games.

Football Betting Tips Italy vs Netherlands

In addition to the USA, England can not qualify for the Olympic Games in Tokyo, because there could only go one team from Britain at the start. So there are still six teams that occupy three slots. Two of them face each other in the quarter-finals, namely Italy and Netherlands.
The Italians were twice in an EC final, in which they had to give each beaten. Netherlands came to France as reigning European champion for the World Cup. On the big stage of a World Cup both teams have never been in the semifinals. A win on Saturday would mean the biggest success at a World Cup for both teams.

Oranje should probably be slightly favored, at least the odds before the match between Italy and Netherlands point to a prediction towards the European champion. Both teams were very serious and successful at this World Cup. Maybe the Italians even had to complete the somewhat heavier program so far.

It is certain that even the loser of this game can return home already raised head. The big goal, however, is to take the next step towards world title and Olympic qualification. We think that in the knockout match between Italy and Netherlands we would rather place our tip on a European champion’s win but do not consider a successful match of the Squadra Azzura to be out of the question. Both teams want to Lyon, where the two semi-finals and the final will be played.

Italy – Statistics & Current Form

The women’s football in Italy is experiencing a boom that has not been thought possible. This is mainly because the country’s big clubs have discovered women’s football. 40,000 fans watched the cup final between Fiorentina and Juventus. The World Cup games attract up to five million viewers in front of the TV set. Many former Italian national players have their say and keep their fingers crossed for the rest of the matches. Italy has discovered the love for the female Squadra Azzura. And this pays back the support so far right in every World Cup game.

The Italians have won five of their last six internationals. Under these conditions, of course, after the quarter-finals, the World Cup, of course, not yet to be over, even if Italy against Netherlands is the odds after the outsider. Should Milena Bertolini manage to overcome this hurdle, then there will be more people calling for the national coach to take up Serie A posts, mind you in the men’s category.

In the preliminary round, the Italians tried to convince with offensive football, which they have largely succeeded. In the quarterfinals against China, however, the primal instincts of Italian football came to fruition. After a 1-0 win by Valentina Giacinti, the Squadra Azzura confined to defensive for a long time.

“We are Italians, we are always working on our defensive. We learn how to defend with all eleven players. You have to be tough at a World Cup. ” – Sara Gama

China had much more of the game and more chances, but in best Catenaccio manner, the Italians fended off everything that came to their goal. Already in the 49th minute came the redemption. The substitute Aurora Galli made it 2: 0 for the decision. Captain Sara Gama was, in retrospect, especially proud of how Squadra defended Azzura as a team and praised the Catenaccio to the skies.

If Italy also defends against Netherlands in this form, then maybe it could be something with the first entry into the semi-finals at a World Cup. Personnel changes are possible. Especially Aurora Galli has basically earned a place in the starting eleven. But overall, Milena Bertolini will trust the ladies who were largely responsible for the quarter-finals.

Expected formation of Italy:
➱ Giuliani – Bartoli, Gama, Guagni, Linari – Bergamaschi, Cernoia, Giugliano – Bonansea, Girelli, Giacinti
➱ Coach: Bertolini

Last matches of Italy:

⚽️ 25.06.2019 – Italy vs China 2: 0 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 18.06.2019 – Italy vs Brazil 0: 1 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 14.06.2019 – Jamaica Vs. Italy 0: 5 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 09.06.2019 – Australia vs Italy 1: 2 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 29.05.2019 – Italy vs Switzerland 3: 1 (friendly)

Netherlands – Statistics & Current Form

The Dutch women play the expected strong role in this World Cup. As a European champion you are inevitably one of the favorites in a World Cup, even if the Löwinnen so far still have little experience in the World Cup. The odds of the bookmakers, however, still indicate that one appreciates other teams more. Meanwhile, Netherlands has brought eight wins in a row, and there was usually the almost obligatory goal. Nevertheless, the Dutch have won all their games at the World Cup and are deservedly in the quarterfinals.

The statistics of recent weeks and months are also the reason why most experts in the duel between Italy and Netherlands make a prediction for a victory of the European champion. What the last games have clearly shown: The Dutch are also vulnerable. In defense, the ladies in orange are not always safe. So could the quarter-final against Italy quite a Zitterspiel be, if not the top stars in the attack their class fully play again.

The round of sixteen against the vice world champion from Japan was also a long time Spitz auf Knopf. Lieke Martens gave Netherlands a 1-0 lead after fifteen minutes, but Japan was at least equal in the aftermath. The European champion had difficulties with the nimble Asian women. Just before the break, Japan came to deserved draw.

“We have already made history at the European Championships and we want to repeat that now.” – Jackie Groenen

When all seemed to have resigned themselves with an extension, the Dutch women were awarded a penalty, which you have to give probably. Lieke Martens did not ask twice and scored the 2-1 final score. Even though the game was tight, the self-confidence of the Dutch women did not suffer. Jackie Groenen points out that you have already made history at the European Championships, and now plans something similar for the World Cup. We assume that the Netherlands will run on Saturday with the identical formation that has also formed the starting eleven against Japan.

Expected formation of Netherlands:
➱ Van Veenendaal – Van Dongen, Bloodworth, Groenen, Dekker – Spitse, van de Donk, Van Lunteren – Martens, Miedema, Van de Sanden
➱ Trainer: Wiegman

Last Games from Netherlands:

⚽️ 25.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Japan 2: 1 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 20.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Canada 2: 1 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Netherlands vs Cameroon 3: 1 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – New Zealand vs. Netherlands 0: 1 (Women World Cup 2019)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Australia 3: 0 (friendly)

Italy vs. Netherlands Direct Comparison

17 games are available between the teams from Italy and Netherlands. The direct comparison is a clear affair for the Squadra Azzura in six draws and 8-3 wins. However, the balance of power has turned a little in recent years. For five games, Italy has not won against the Dutch women. The last match was in qualifying for the 2015 World Cup, Netherlands prevailed in the playoffs by a 1-1 home win and a 2-1 victory in Italy. Viviane Miedema was the hero of the day with two goals.

Italy vs Netherlands Our Best Betting Tips Explained

Italy is playing a great World Cup, but in our opinion delivers on the conditions. This means that a burglary seems quite possible. Especially in the quarter-finals will have to show how mature this team is. Maybe the Squadra Azzura can realize the biggest success in the history of her ladies.

In the case of a win, that would be the case for Netherlands, at least for a World Cup. After all, Oranje has won eight times in succession last. In addition, the quality of the single player should be higher than the Italians. Therefore, suggests in the duel between Italy and Netherlands much on a tip for Oranje.

Key Facts – Italy vs Netherlands tips

✔️ A win would mean the biggest success for Italy and Netherlands at a World Cup.
✔️ Italy have been victorious in five of their last six international matches.
✔️ Netherlands has recently won eight internationals in a row.

In addition, the Netherlands has not lost to five matches against Italy. The balance of power has clearly turned in recent years in favor of the lionesses. We think that the team of Sarina Wiegman will prevail in this game. We would therefore use the betting odds for a progress of the European champions in the quarter-finals between Italy and Netherlands. The bookmakers offer on the semi-final entry of the Dutch women odds of up to 1.61.

Bet Tip: Netherlands
Odds: 1.61