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Juventus vs Ajax Today’s Betting Tips

Juventus returned to play a discreet game in this phase to eliminate in the Champions League. The team of Allegri spared players for this clash, but the truth is that as a visitor, this is not the first game that Vechia signora defraud expectations. Just remember that lost, still in the group stage in the field of Young Boys, and in the last tie was defeated in Madrid by (2-0). However, at Allianz Stadium Juventus have shown their strength, as seen in the “comeback” that managed against the competitive Atletico Madrid (3-0). This is the competition in which Juventus focuses all their attention, and in this second hand the team will not want to risk what they will seek to win and even persuade. It is important for Juventus to give this signal to the other teams, or it may start not to be seen as one of the top favorites to win the competition. For Ajax there is nothing to lose. The team is very talented, plays a positive football and is not afraid of any opponent, and in the first leg match was even superior to Juventus. But in Turin he sends Juventus, and with a result of (1-1), and with all the experience he has, he will hardly win this match.

Key statistics for the match Juventus vs Ajax

Juventus have hesitated in the games as a visitor, but at Allianz Stadium has been very authoritarian. The victory over Atletico Madrid says well of the potential of the signora vecchia playing in his stronghold.
In the 4 matches played at home in the Champions League, Juventus added 3 wins and 1 defeat (against Manchester United). Moreover, they beat Valencia (1-0), Young Boys (3-0) and Atletico Madrid by the same result (3-0). Juventus are probably the most experienced team in this phase of the Champions League, and face the most inexperienced.
This Ajax is no surprise, having made such an interesting group stage, where they have not lost any game with Bayern Munich. As if that were not enough, he qualified leaving Benfica behind, and in the last tie removed Real Madrid. The Dutch team is strong in their attacking sector and the evidence was evident even in the big games (1-4) with Real Madrid or (3-3) with Bayern Munich.

Betting Tips Provided by Our Experts Tipsters Juventus vs Ajax

This could be a game where Juventus need to score at least two goals to ensure a win. Ajax’s ability to score goals is great, and they need to score at Allianz Stadium. And that could be one of the key points for this meeting, the space that Ajax will have to give at a certain point in the game in search of their goal. Juventus have already proved their strength at home, and Allegri should once again manage their squad on the Serie A round, betting everything on this match. With a Juventus well physically, playing at home, and much more experienced, has everything to take this Ajax out of the way. Victory of Juventus.

Bet Tips: 1
Odds: 1.72