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Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat Free Betting Tips

Kopetdag Asgabat receives FC Asgabat for the Asgabat derby

In Turkmenistan, the Asgabat Derby will take place on match day 9 in the Yokary League if Kopetdag and FC Asgabat face each other on May 18, 2020. This derby has already happened once this season. This was the case on match day 2. Kopetdag Asgabat won this with 0: 1. FC Asgabat have already won 4 games against Kopetdag. Kopetdag Asgabat currently occupies 3rd place in the strongest football league in Turkmenistan after 14 games with 14 points. FC Asgabat is in 5th place after 7 games with 11 points. If you compare the goal balance and the like, both are roughly the same.

Key facts about Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat

Kopetdag Asgabat

Have already won the first leg 0-1
Could beat FC Asgabat more often
Are strong at home on average

FC Asgabat

Have only lost 1 game away
Last time we won against Kopetdag Asgabat in 2018

Can Kopetdag Asgabat win the 4th consecutive home game against FC Asgabat?

So far, Kopetdag Asgabat’s season has been relatively satisfactory, considering that they decided 4 out of 8 games and made 2 draws, ergo, they only had to surrender twice. They met 10 times, which is not exactly a lot, but they only allowed 6 points. Sure, they could only win 2 of their past 5 games, but they were the last 2 and they certainly have an advantage over their city rivals. In 2020, after 4 home games, they will be the fourth best home team. 2 wins and 1 draw were possible. Once they gave up. They came to the end 4 times in front of their home crowd and 2 counters were allowed. They had been the strongest away so far. They decided 2 games for themselves and were defeated in just 1 game. 1 game ended in a tie. The goal balance is 6: 4.

In 2019 Kopetdag ended the season in 4th place in the table. You won 11 games and lost as many. 6 games ended in a draw. With their goal of 33:37, they could not convince. Because in the end they were the fourth best team, out of 8 mind you and the fourth strongest in defense. This average performance also continues in the home table, where they also hold 4th place. Away they were the third weakest. They won 4 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses and scored 14 times, but they allowed 22 points. Nevertheless, this performance is likely to be sufficient for a win against FC Asgabat.

Can FC Asgabat win the second leg against Kopetdag Asgabat?

In 2020 FC Asgabat played 7 championship games. They won 3 of them and were able to make 2 draws. They surrendered twice. They scored 9 times and allowed 8 points. They won 3 of their last 5 game days, with the last game ending in a tie and the second to last being lost. FC Asgabat will provide the second best away team in 2020. They won 2 out of 4 games and lost in only 1. Once they were satisfied with a draw. They only scored 3 times and had to allow 4 counters. In the home setting, however, they were only the second weakest. 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss were won. Only the goal balance of 6: 4 can be assessed for them.

At FC Asgabat we also looked at them last season. In 2019 she finished in 6th place in the table. They could only win 8 games and 7 draws. They suffered 13 losses. They scored 29 times and had 44 goals. They scored the fifth most goals, admitted the fifth most. They were fourth best away, as they decided 5 out of 14 games and were good for 2 draws. They surrendered 7 times. A goal balance of 15:23 was possible. They made up the second weakest home team. They have 3 wins, 4 draws and 6 losses in their home account of 2019, as well as 13 goals and 21 goals. All of these facts suggest defeat rather than victory.

Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat Direct comparison

Such a derby has occurred 17 times so far. Kopetdag Asgabat won 7 games and FC Asgabat won 6. In a tie, 4 games ended. None of the past 4 home games has lost Kopetdag, but won all. Kopetdag has been unbeaten against FC for five matchdays. They only allowed 2 hits in these 5 games, whereas they could land 6 themselves. Only 17 times in the 17 duels more than 2.5 goals were scored and both teams scored only 8 times.

Betting Odds comparison for the match Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat

Betting Tips: Kopetdag Asgabat
Odds: 1.60
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.55
Betting Tips: FC Asgabat
Odds: 5.00

Kopetdag Asgabat vs FC Asgabat Free Betting Tips

We expect Kopetdag to win Asgabat. If over / under bets are possible, we advise placing under 2.5 goals. We would also bet on both team to score/ NO. Consequently, a tip 1 win could be considered zero.

Betting Tips: Kopetdag Asgabat
Odds: 1.60