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Liverpool vs Barcelona Football Betting Tips

It’s time for the semi-final return between Liverpool and FC Barcelona! Liverpool will face a huge challenge and the club will rely on Anfield and his boiling fans to make it happen. Beaten 3-0 in the first leg, the English have no choice and must imperatively believe in a miracle to hope to see Madrid early June to compete in the final. But the Reds could also lose everything in 1 week with the Champions League and the championship. Still in a mano-mano with Manchester City for the title, Liverpool took the lead in the championship after his victory against Newcastle. But Manchester City still have to play their match of the 37th day against Leicester. In case of victory, the Citizens would return to the top of the standings and everything would be played next weekend in a remote duel. The Reds will have to achieve a perfect week while hoping for miracles, on pain of experiencing two huge disappointments blow after blow. But the Klopp players know they can reverse the course of this semifinal and get the qualification. Severely beaten in the first leg having conceded 3 goals, the English club showed he was able to undermine the Catalan defense and go through the nets nets. Liverpool will have no choice and must register, at least, 3 goals without cash to hope to achieve a real feat. Especially since the Barcelones do not intend to squander their comfortable advance. Already champions of Spain for 2 weeks, the Catalans have made a perfect match tactically in the first leg, concluded by 3 goals scored and zero cashed. More than ever in contention to achieve a new hat-trick, Barcelona allowed himself to make a full rotation of his team last weekend to rest his executives for the second leg. With a Messi in top form and totally ahead of the pack this season, the Catalans can go to Anfield with a calm spirit, but they know they will not let anything pass. 1 goal scored Tuesday night could largely be enough to the happiness of the Spanish club and no doubt that the attackers will do everything to go plant this banderilla Reds. It’s a semi-final return that could be epic.

Key stats for the match Liverpool vs Barcelona

⚽️ Liverpool have lost only 1 of their last 5 games.
⚽️ Liverpool have lost just 1 home game this season.
⚽️ Barça have lost only 1 of their last 5 games.
⚽️ Barça have not lost any away games this season in the Champions League.
⚽️ Liverpool and Barça each have 3 wins, 3 losses and 2 draws in their confrontations.

Liverpool vs Barcelona Our Football Betting Tips

It is a semi-final return that should promise a show. Barça took a very good option for qualifying in the final thanks to their 3-0 first-leg victory. The Reds have no choice and will have to win by 4 goals difference to qualify directly in the final. This is a mission that seems very difficult but in the enclosure of Anfield, nothing is impossible for the Reds. Given the shape of both teams and the first leg, we bet on a victory of Liverpool but a qualification of Barça.

Bet Tip: Liverpool
Odds: 2.4