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On the edge of the relegation zone, Mainz will receive this Saturday, February 3, Bayern Munich at the Opel Arena. Scheduled to start at 12:30 a.m., the game is part of the schedule of the twenty-first round of the German Championship 2017/2018 edition.

The recent performance of Mainz

With 20 points (five wins, five draws and ten losses), Mainz is 15th place in the Bundesliga standings. It is the first post outside the sticking region. It has three points in the lead compared to Werder Bremen, sixteenth, but is behind in the balance of goals (11 negatives against nine negatives), which opens the possibility to be among the clubs threatened to fall at the end of the day .
Despite having a powerful opponent ahead, which cheers a little the fans of Mainz is the campaign of the club in their domains. The team has achieved 80% of its points at the Open Arena. It is the eleventh best place in the Spanish Championship. Nothing spectacular, but it’s been enough to keep the team out of the relegation zone.
After the winter stoppage, the team suffered two defeats as a visitor and won the only game in their domains. The coach Sandro Schwartz has practically all his cast available for the match. Only the goalkeeper Rene Adler (nine appearances in the 2017/2018 German Championship) and defender Niko Bungert (without performances) are in the medical department.

The current form of Bayern Munich

Bayern have neither lost nor drawn since the end of November. In the period, made 11 matches and won all. Nine of them were officers. The list also includes two friendlies. This made his situation in the German Championship, which was great, even better. With 50 points (16 wins, two draws and two losses), he leads with 16 points ahead of Bayer Leverkusen.
With 16 days remaining, no one doubts the team will add another trophy to their collection. It’s just a matter of time. This will still allow an advantage for the Champions League match of Europe. In the round of 16, he will debut in the round of 16 on February 20 against Besiktas.
This may influence when coach Jupp Heickens determines the return of goalkeeper Manuel Neur (three games in the current season). He suffered two serious injuries and spent most of the season in the medical department. It is considered clinically recovered. But the coach has been cautious about his return. However, there is a possibility that it will be related to the game this Saturday.
They are also in the infirmary and are dependent on new exams to find out if they can afford defender Mats Hummels (15 games, one goal) and Thiago Alcantara (nine games, one goal) and Javi Martinez (13 matches, a goal).
The casualties have not been insurmountable problems for Jeickens. In the twentieth round match against Hoffenheim, for example, he can not count on five athletes who are regularly listed as starters. The team came out at a disadvantage of 2 to 0, but ended up applying a rout by 5 to 2.
The favorable scenario is completed by luck in the German Cup. The diminutive Padeborn was named Bayern’s rival on February 6, which will give the team the opportunity to put a mixed team to play.

History of the bouts between Mainz and Bayern Munich
Bayern have won three of their last four matches against Mainz. The other was in the draw. In the first round of the Bundesliga 2017/2018 edition, he thrashed 4-0.
Although the Mainz campaign is much better at home, Bayern Munich’s strength leaves no room for risk. The Munich side is a big favorite and has a price of 1.25 on Bet365. Draw paid 5.50 and success of constituents paid 12.00 per 1. Quotes were in effect at 11.20.2010 / 2018.