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Malaga – Numancia – This could be one of the most interesting matches in the 4 nd round of the Copa del Rey, because the second team Numancia managed to take advantage of the first-time Malaga, with the score being 2: 1 and it is certainly possible in retreat. Malaga is, of course, a favorite, although this team does not go well in Primera and are in the area of the fallout. Numancia is a solid sixth in Segunda, but lost in the previous two rounds, while Malaga is now in the rhythm of victory and defeat. In addition to their first appearance, the last rivals met in 2009 in Primera and then Malaga won at their stadium.

It’s a tough task ahead of Malaga to ensure survival in the company of the best and that’s why the Cup may not be so important at the moment, but it’s important to win victory in every possible match for self-confidence. It should also be said that Malaga has slightly raised its level of play and having not won in the first nine rounds, they now have two linked triumphs at their stadium and hope to escape from the dangerous zone.
They defeated Celtic and Deportivo, and in both duels they were tormented, however, they are now the most important points, and Malaga has five of them less than the rescue zone. They have had a number of hard times lately, and they are not surprised they could not score, but on Saturday in Madrid against Real they finally reached the first goal and were close to the sensation but defeated at 3: 2. In the first duel he played a combined team that ended up with two goals, and we are now expecting changes in the team.

All this is a pretty solid season for now when Numancia is in question, though they have been a bit spoiled by the impression of two linked defeats. There were two wagers even in Segunda, but then the first one of the three games without a win, now two defeats and dropped to sixth place. They played much better on the domestic pitch, but they were also defeated twice, one of which was two laps away from Gymnastics, and the defeat in the last round at Oviedo with 3: 1.
The guests are solid and have played four rhymes, and it is interesting that six of the seven wins have been scored without receiving a naked goal. In the first match with Malaga they had a lot of luck because they both scored in the last few minutes. And Numancia is probably a more important championship, but coach Arrasate did not change too much in the first round, and that is, say, quite similar to the one who played in Oviedo on Saturday so we do not expect any big changes now.

Malaga – Numancia TIP
Malaga is doing this season, but they did little to fix it especially in their field, so they would have to defeat a midfielder Numanci when they were already in the lead at this team.