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Despite the 0-1 loss away against Basel, it is easy to repeat: in practice, it is clear that Manchester United is now reaching the final and becoming one. This after winning the four matches before, which has been a strength message. “The Red Devils” are again out in Europe to challenge the title …
It is a joy message that Manchester United is coming here. They won the foul away meeting against Arsenal last, with 3-1, before picking Watford down with 4-2 – even on the go. Good shape. The most remarkable: the offensive potency. Great efficiency.
CSKA fight side-by-side with Basel about the desirable second place and they both stand on nine recorded studs in front of these final matches. The problem for the Russians is that the Swiss take advantage of the statistics, which means there must be at least one stick here – and later hope that Benfica can turn it into Basel.

Clean facit at home
A rush game could be motivated by CSKA Moscow actually having more to play for, but on the verge of having a supposedly closest regular Manchester United – what should Russians have to resist? Vanishing a little, is the thought.
Manchester United has shown their best side lately, not least offensive, and after that loss against Basel, three straight Premier League matches have been won – against Brighton, Watford and Arsenal. The two later mentioned on the road.
Then it is also home to Old Trafford as United has been shown the strongest. The year’s ten matches in the arena they have won, eight of which came with larger numbers than the outcast.
When the countries met in Russia, United won by 4-1. Psychically reinforcing, as it shows the difference in class.
To get in on it all is that CSKA is hit by several tough breaks, which further weakens their shares before the match. Bibras Natkho and Swedish Pontus Wernbloom are suspended and trion consisting of Aleksei Berezutski, Georgi Milanov and Georgy Schennikov are injured.
The conclusion? A comfortable victory for the home team …
Manchester United -1.0 goal (asian handicap) – bet back at uddamåls wins – played at 1.75x at Betser.