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The first half of the season in League 2 has ended and there is still one last matchday on the agenda for this calendar year before the clubs go into the winter break and lay the groundwork for a good second half of the season.

Nuremberg vs Dresden Free Betting Tips

It is time to take stock of the clubs. This is relentlessly bad, especially for two teams. Nuremberg and Dresden, this prediction can be dared, are two of the big disappointments in the lower house.

The Saxons are at the bottom of the table and threaten to take the red lantern with them into the new year. On the other hand, the relegation from Franconia lags behind their own high standards and the club is also in acute relegation distress at relegation place 16. Both clubs have already undergone a coaching change, which has so far been ineffective.
In the direct duel there is now the chance on Friday evening to at least ensure a conciliatory end of the year. After ten games without a win at the club, this would be just as important for the hosts as for the guests from Saxony, where the fans left the stadium prematurely in the last away game.

There is pressure on the cauldron in the Max Morlock Stadium and from a betting point of view this encounter not only raises the question of football superiority, but is also about which team is better prepared mentally for the game.

The bookmakers seem to trust the hosts rather, which is why Nuremberg versus Dresden has the clearly lower odds for a bet on the three.

Nuremberg – statistics & current form

It reminds a little of the suffering story of another Bavarian club in league 2 from the previous season. At that time, FC Ingolstadt was one of the favorites for promotion to the season and many experts believed for a long time that the Schanzer would catch up sometime after the false start. Bookmakers have also consistently underestimated Upper Bavaria and at the end of the season the relegation relegation was clear.

At the moment, a similar fate seems to be hinting at the club from Nuremberg. Even with the Franks, you feel like waiting for the liberation every week, but it just may not come. In the meantime, the winless series has lasted ten games and the change of coach to Jens Keller has so far failed to have any effect. In Nuremberg there is also a lack of luck.

Most recently against Kiel, the club had to accept the equalization in the 93rd minute, which was another blow to the cracked self-confidence of the players. After all, the overall performance was a bit better and encouraged for the last appearance in 2019. Once again, the Franks have the chance to end the black series and go into the winter break with a slightly more positive feeling.

The jump to the non-relegation places can still succeed. For this, coach Keller tried to publicly strengthen his players this week. He praised the performance against Kiel and wants to take this “momentum” into the game against Dynamo. Tactically, he will once again focus on a pressing strategy that still needs to be worked out.

Often the team does not chase the ball collectively, but only partially, which on the one hand does not bring success and on the other hand costs unnecessary effort. Forces that have already cost the Franks eight points that were given away in the final minutes.

Between Nuremberg and Dresden, the prediction can be dared that the hosts will get everything out of themselves again in these last minutes in order to celebrate with the last strength a conciliatory conclusion in front of their own audience.

Probable lineup of Nuremberg:
➠ Dornebusch – Valentini, Sörensen, Mühl, Handwerker – Behrens, Geis, Schleusener, Hack – Dovedan, Frey

Last matches from Nuremberg:

⚽️ 15.12.2019 – Nuremberg vs. Kiel 2: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 09.12.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs. Nuremberg 3: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11/30/2019 – Nuremberg vs. Wiesbaden 0: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 24.11.2019 – Fürth vs. Nuremberg 0: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11/10/2019 – Nuremberg vs. Bielefeld 1: 5 (2nd Bundesliga)

Dresden – Statistics & current form

There is a creepy series behind Dynamo Dresden and in Saxony you will be happy when the year 2019 will soon come to an end. As is so often the case in football, Dynamo Dresden was very unlucky at the start of the season and, despite decent performances, was often defeated. At some point, the team lacks self-confidence if there are no successes and there are also good and convincing appearances.

The change of coach from Christian Fiel to Markus Kauczinsky was supposed to give a new impulse shortly before the winter break, but quickly evaporated. A real low was the 0: 3 at promoted Osnabrück. The players on the lawn surrendered to their fate without any juice and lacking strength and lacked a rearing up over 90 minutes.

As a result, the majority of the guests supporters left the stadium prematurely, which is a real rarity with the loyal supporters of the yellow-blacks and shows how tense the situation at Dynamo is.

The new coach has so far failed to revive the league’s weakest offensive. And mistakes are also accumulating in the back team. To make matters worse on Friday, there are some personnel problems.

Several regulars are missing due to injuries and suspensions. Rene Klingenburg got the fifth yellow cardboard at the Bremen bridge, Marco Hartmann, Patrick Möschl and Alexander Jeremejeff have to pass because of different injuries.

Kauczinski believes in the “now more than ever” mentality of his protected and, according to his own statements, wants to “bang everything” again in order to at least end the year 2019 with a sense of achievement. A threesome in Nuremberg is not excluded for Dresden despite high odds for the tip on the away win and the Saxons could even pass the club in the table.

Probable lineup of Dresden:
➠ Broll – Kreuzer, Ballas, Ehlers, Hamalainen – Nikolaou, Burnic, Ebert, Horvath – Atik, Kone

Last games from Dresden:

⚽️ 15.12.2019 – Osnabrück vs. Dresden 3: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 08.12.2019 – Dresden vs. SV Sandhausen 1: 1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11/30/2019 – Dresden vs. Kiel 1: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11/23/2019 – HSV vs. Dresden 2-1 (2nd Bundesliga)
⚽️ 11/14/2019 – Dresden vs. Chemnitz 0: 2 (friendly match)

Nuremberg vs Dresden Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

The direct comparison between Nuremberg and Dresden clearly suggests a prediction in the direction of the Francs. The club has lost to Dynamo only once in its history. In contrast, there are seven successes for the red and white. Since the second half of the season starts on the 18th day of the weekend, the teams met each other this season – namely on the first day.

At that time, the world was still in order, especially at the club, and FCN was able to celebrate a 1-0 away win with a goal by Nikola Dovedan in the 53rd minute. For this, Dresden now wants to reciprocate and for the second time in history in Franconia land a threesome. On January 29, 2017, this was achieved for the first time with a 2-1 success.

Nuremberg vs Dresden Free Betting Tips

When playing Nuremberg against Dresden, for a good tip on the correct odds, the mental state of the two teams must be carefully examined. In terms of football, the Franks certainly have advantages, but this was often the case for the club this season and the necessary points are still missing.

This time the opponent in Franconia is also very bad and the situation at Dynamo is even more precarious, since the Saxons hold the red lantern at the bottom of the table. In the current constitution, no clear victory is to be expected for any of the teams, and it will be a matter of trifle if the liberation strikes shortly before Christmas. There is no real value on either side. However, it also makes no sense to bet on a tie.

Key facts – Nuremberg vs Dresden tips

💡 Nuremberg has been waiting for a win for ten games and the atmosphere in the basement is also in Dresden
💡 At this crisis summit, the mental state will be decisive
💡 The club has lost to the Saxons and receives one of their favorite opponents in League 2

As an alternative, it is advisable to bet on the odds for the selection “both teams to score” between Nuremberg and Dresden. It can be expected that both sides will face problems defensively, and so every team can be expected to score at least one goal.

Those who can finally leave the lawn with their heads raised will decide on the form of the day. The tip on the option that both teams score at least one goal is alluded to with a bet size of six units.

Competition: 2nd Bundesliga
Date: 20.12.2019
Betting Tips: Both teams to score/ YES
Odds: 1.67
Stake: 6/10 units