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Will Barcelona remain spotless?
In the Champions League Group D, FC Barcelona is currently the measure of all things. The Catalans lead the table, could fix the climb with a full victory against Olympiacos Piraeus, while the Greeks hope for their first points in the group stage of the premier class. The unequal duel starts on October 31st at 20:45.

Current form Olympiacos Piraeus

The Greek tradition club is currently in the crisis, so far as one can lean out of the window. Because table space five, which one currently occupies, is actually a disaster for a club like Olympiakos. Even more so, where you have so far – with the exception of AEK Athens – not necessarily surpassed by clubs, which lie approximately within the collar of the series champion. Teams such as Atromitos Athens and Levadiakos have a total market value of 12 and 7 million euros, respectively, midfield star Konstantinos Fortounis is about as much or even more valuable. The results speak for themselves or against Olympiakos. Takis Lemonis’s side have recently lost 1-0 to Panathinaikos Athens, having won just two of their last seven Super League games. After all, a 1-0 home win against the then leader of the table was PAOK Saloniki. The fact is, the home balance is a bit better than those in away games. Not so much because of the points, which is the same as there, but it is defensive achievements, in particular, which let us assume that Olympiakos will be stronger on Tuesday than last. Why? Because in home games just one third of those goals have been collected, which had to be taken abroad, had yet to take in any home game – whether nationally or internationally in the qualification for the Champions League – more than a hit. Away in Barcelona, ​​Olympiakos was de facto without a chance for a win, the performance at 3: 3 nevertheless. Above all, in half-time, one was actually held harmless, an unfortunate proprietor ensured the leadership of the Catalans. However, two more contenders had to be accepted in the run-through two despite the extra number. Strengths we see in the case of the Greeks in any case in standard situations, unsurprisingly fell the only hit in Camp Nou from just such. It was also the only shot that Piraeus was able to score in 90 minutes. In terms of possession of the ball, Barcelona were also well placed after the yellow / red card for Piqué, with only 35 percent of the games remaining. In the attack game ran with the Greeks, if, then over the right side something. 50 percent of all attacks were made via ebendiese. Piraeus advantage: With the exception of Sebá, no single squad player is currently suspended or injured.

Current form FC Barcelona

No trace of the problems of the opponent currently at FC Barcelona. The team at Ernesto Valverde is well on the way to getting the autumn championship in Spain, even if such predictions seem a bit far-fetched. The fact is, Barcelona have dominated the first season quarter in La Liga, is still absolutely flawless in the Champions League. In the championship there was the only loss of points against Atlético Madrid (1: 1). Before and after Messi & Co had grown no herb at all. Recently, they defeated Athletic Bilbao 2-0, before that they gave the same result against FC Málaga. Also against Las Palmas (3-0) and Girona (3-0) remained one flawless. There were only four compulsive matches in the season, in which Barcelona conceded a goal, but one had never accepted more than this one contender. The only loss of points, however, was in an away game, a circumstance that does not change the glass-clear favorite role of Barcelona. However, a possible victory on Tuesday might be more scarce than initially assumed. Barca has been able to score eight goals in home games so far. Strengths were most apparent against Bilbao, especially in all areas of the offensive, while defensively proved vulnerable. After 90 minutes, the opponents from the Basque Country were able to score as many good opportunities as Barcelona, ​​but they were unable to take advantage of this. Bilbao was dangerous, especially with regard to standards, and it is important to pay attention to the strength of the opponent in this regard on Tuesday. Barcelona should also try to force the wing game a little more. At the weekend attacks were mostly made in the middle, making it difficult for the opponent to defend the attacks in many situations. The leader of the tables showed a strong performance over the wings. In addition, it was always possible to push fast counter-attacks. In fact, there is no play situation from which the Catalans can not be dangerous. The only downside at the moment: with Rafina, Dembéle, Iniesta and Piqué, four potential home players fall out, Mascherano, Turan, Vidal and also Messi are at least questionable. However, it should work even without these offensive stars, because the opponent has cashed in his previous three CL games 2017/2018 always at least two contenders.

Betting forecast And SuperTips
A simple three-way bet is not recommended because of the low odds. Rather, we would advise to a half-time bet or even to a “to-zero victory” of the favorites. Piraeus is currently too unstable, Barcelona is too confident. We therefore reckon with a sovereign success of the Valverde proteges.