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Form Paraná sub20
It was not easy. Paraná needed to make their best performance at a technical level and willingness to be able to move on. Playing against an enthusiastic Batatais, Paraná was a few times behind the scoreboard, achieving the triumphant turn by 3 × 2 in the final stretch of the game.
Undoubtedly, the excitement for acting in the offensive part and by the provision imposed, are legitimate. However, tactically, Paraná knows that it needs improvement to be able to dream about something more. The staff has been inattentive defensively. In the last two games, for example, he suffered two goals per game. The team was leaked in every game. There is quality and confidence to do more, but successes need to be put into practice.
With two goals against Batatais, Silva brought the spotlight to himself.

Sub20 Cruise Form
Oh, disappointment. Okay, the classification has been won, but the Cruzeiro has played far enough from the favoritism that was given to you. Against Rio Branco in the second phase, Cruzeiro only managed to advance phase after the maximum penalties. Only in one of four games did Cruzeiro manage to play really well.
What has bothered most is the lack of greater offensive enforcement. The team has not shone to be resilient and has not even made its quality work to impose itself. With the offensive quality of the rival to face, without doubt, Cruzeiro will have to present more. Playing more intensely, making your offensive part render, are the ways for the Cruise to improve. Changing the posture will be accurate.
Author of two goals in the Cup, Vitinho is one of Cruzeiro’s hopes.

Our Tip
Paraná is the most confident and willing team here. The team plays offensively and fearlessly, having the potential to impose itself, despite taking risks. The Cruzeiro has more technical quality, but needs to change its posture. Perhaps, the mining team learned the lesson after the last blow in the previous phase. As Cruzeiro is also not a defensive end, because of the excitement and way of acting of the paranista team, by the options of growth of the mining team, we can have an open game and goals here.