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Peru – Colombia

In this case, we have a duel of direct rivals in the battle for placement at the SP, and mathematics is pretty clear to both teams. Victory brings everything, defeat means that they are probably forgiving, except in case the other results are met, and this is not realistic. Colombia has more points and the rematch is better, though it does not have to mean that it will be enough, while Peru is in a much better form with five games without a defeat. Colombia has three wins without a win and they have all blasted home defeat in the last round. In the first match of these qualifications, Colombia celebrated 2: 0.

The great return of Peru in these qualifications and now are quite right to hope, and how they play and what character they showed, they definitely earned a place on the Mundial. When they lost to Brazil on their pitch in the 12th round, no one saw them in the fight for Mundial, let alone in such a good situation. After this defeat, they also remarried in Venezuela, but then three wins, with the same result of 2: 1 and in the last round, visiting Argentina, where they were almost all written off.
And they endured it and scored a goal without a goal. If they win Colombia, they are at least in a barrage, but they can help poor Chile and Argentina, while the reimbursement is most likely to fall. Due to the cartons against Argentina, four of the top-ranked players were not allowed to play, but there will be no Tapie and Farfan for the same reason, and the goalkeeper Gallese was injured.
The likely starting lineup of Peru: Cacede – Corzo, Ramos, Rodriguez, Trauco – Yotun, Cueva, Carrillo, Cueva – Flores, Guerrero.

Colombia is one of the choices that made the lives of themselves in these qualifications, and they had such a good situation that they resolved all the dilemmas much earlier. The first good opportunity was to host Venezuela, where they only scored without goals. In addition, a homemade tour of Brazil can be called, because this selection was released, however, they were also removed in that tour. The peak of the crisis came in the last round when they were able to solve everything by home victory over Paraguay, but they lost even that duel and now they are in big trouble.
The only good thing is that they keep the situation in their hands and they are surely winning in Mundial. The problem is that the rival is full of self-confidence, which is badly damaged in Colombia because of the way they lost to Paraguay. They defeated the opponent for a long time and then ten minutes before the end Falcao finally took the lead. In the last two minutes, they have received two goals and lost, and they have remained without C.Zapata which can not play due to the cardboard, and probably o.Murillo probably moves.
Probable starting lineup of Colombia: Ospina – Arias, O.Murillo, D.Sanchez, Fabra – C.Sanchez, A.Aguilar – Cuadrado, J.Rodriguez, Cardona – Falcao.

Peru – Colombia
The stakes are really big and it can be said that Colombia is a better choice, but Peru is in big trouble and everything is possible. It seems that the importance of the match will be very tough and cautious on both sides and we anticipate few goals.