Added on October 22, 2017 Category Football Tips

Randers has disappointed in this season, and it culminated most recently against North Zealand with losses and two expulsions. AaB has found a stable level, in particular the defensive has looked strong and the team has just lost one match in the last three months.

It is talking to Randers
Randers was unfortunate recently against North Zealand with two expulsions and a late North Zealand goal in a match where one was ahead with 2-1
Randers beat AaB in both races back in May (2-1 home and 2-0 out)
AaB has not won a match in the away team this season (0-4-2 with a score score of 4-8)
AaB must ignore the regular defender Jakob Ahlmann who is out with quarantine
Randers player material is better than what the results show. Sooner or later there should be points on the board
Offensive, the AaB has sometimes looked weak. Safranko, in particular, has disappointed a bit, and last time he burned a penalty in the show against Elsinore.

It speaks for AaB
AaB has just lost one significant match since the end of July (1-4 on away from FC Midtjylland)
Randers has not won at home this season
Generally, it has been a Randers team that has played far below level. Bundle in the Super League
Randers must ignore both Bashkim Kadriii and Mads Agesen, both of whom were shown in the show against FC Nordsjælland
Rasmus Würtz may be back at AaB after a back injury has kept him out
AaB can with a victory play very close to the important playoff seats. It may give some extra motivation.