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RC Strasbourg – FCO Dijon – In the absence of a better offer this Sunday we have also given you two first rounds in the third round of the French Cup and in the first of them are the teams currently standing right in the middle of the Ligue 1 table, with the same by the number of points scored. In addition, their autumn duel in Dijon ended with a split, while on the other side Strasbourg eight years ago on their field celebrated 3: 1 in Ligue 2.

RC Strasbourg
But that season, the Strasbourg team fell to a lower level, but in the meantime they managed to recover and in the last two years they had come to the French elite in the third league. And if they do not intend to be just passers-by in Ligue 1, they confirm their best odds in the 19 rounds, especially on the domestic pitch, so they are now at the 11th place on the table and have five points more than the teams that are in the fallout zone.
However, they were defeated at last last 3-0 at the last Metz, but before they had three linked wins, including the home of 2: 1 over the PSG leader. However, the Parisians got very fast and won the 4-1 win in the eighth round of the League Cup final, so there is only a national Cup right next to them. Let’s say that Foulquier and Corgnet are still defenseless, and the controversial appearances of the devastating attackers that Coste and Terrier are.

FCO Dijon
Regarding the guests from Dijon, we have already stated in the introduction that they have gathered the same number of points as Strasbourg in the previous part of Ligue 1, but thanks to the better goal difference they are currently above them on the table. But what is certainly the most worrying of their coach Dall’Oglia is that they have tied up to four defeats, in front of the duel with the team that this season in their field also plays much better than on the side.
That is why we now have to expect a lot of changes in the starting lineup of Dionysos, especially since they are expecting several demanding matches and championships in the upcoming period, where we have already said that, just like Strasbourg, they have only five points more than the team out of the exit zone. As for the problem with absenteeism, the injuries were far ahead of Lauto and Varrault and the Balmont, while the questionable appearances of the Amalfi and Attaché attackers were questionable.

RC Strasbourg – FCO Dijon TIP
We have already highlighted in our analysis that both teams have been playing much better at home lately than on the side, so that’s why we were typing here to win the home of Strasbourg.