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The most anticipated UEFA Champions League round of 16 triumph will be their first match on Wednesday, February 14. Current double champion of the tournament and UCL’s biggest trophy winner in history – 12 times – Real Madrid will host the Paris Saint-Germain at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium in the Spanish capital. The PSG made the achievement of the competition an obsession and, for that, invested over R $ 1 billion in signings only for the 2017/2018 season.
From this stage, the duels will be defined in round-trip matches. In case of equal number of points, goal balance and number of goals scored away from home can be used as tiebreaker criteria. The second match between PSG and Real is scheduled for March 6 at the Parc des Princes in Paris.

The recent performance of Real Madrid

The Champions League was the competition that put Real Madrid at the top of the biggest club list of all time and therefore has always been treated as a priority. It gained even greater importance in the current season due to the poor campaign that the team makes in the Spanish Championship and by the early elimination in the Glass of the King of Spain.
He even became a lifeline for multi-season coach Zinedine Zidane. A failure against Paris Saint-Germain could lead to his resignation even before the end of the 2017/2018 season.
The first sign of seriousness with which the club handles the tournament was given on Saturday, February 10. After doing some bad performances throughout the Spanish Championship to get a little vexed before their fans, Real Madrid ran over Real Sociedad by scoring 5-2. Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo, who had been much criticized and even reached to be threatened to stay on the bench for Zidane, scored three goals.
With that, the capital’s team reached 42 points (12 wins, six draws and four losses). He did not change his position. He follows in the fourth place, 17 points behind leader Barcelona. But his situation at LaLiga was the least important. The key in the game was to show that the team has the ability to display enough quality football to be considered a Champions League title candidate.
For the duel of this Wednesday, Zidane can count on all its main players. In the medical department are only complementing athletes. They are defender Jesus Vallejo (three matches in the Spanish 2017/2018 Championship, no goal) and midfielder Daniel Ceballos (six games, two goals).
In the first round of the Champions League, Real were second in Group H. With 13 points (four wins, one draw and one loss). He was beaten by Tottenham (16). A lower-than-expected result. However, in the previous season, the team also had the second place of their key and ended up with the cup at the end of the dispute.

The current form of PSG

For Paris Saint-Germain, every match of the Champions League has been viewed as a championship final. After all, the title was not only placed as an absolute priority by its board as it became a platform for the Brazilian Neymar to seek to win the prize for best player in the world and for the Uruguayan Edinson Cavani to set records in the scoring of goals.
With that motivation, the team completed the first phase at the top of Group B with 15 points (five wins and one loss). It was the same score for Bayern Munich, runner-up, but the lead was guaranteed by the extraordinary balance of goals of 21. Only Liverpool managed to score more goals than the balance of PSG. They were 23. But it was eventually overtaken by the French in total. With 25 goals scored, the Parisian team has averaged more than four goals per game.
Although facing a tighter schedule than Real Madrid, as they are in the title fight in both the Cup and the French Cup, the immense technical superiority of the club against the local rivals has allowed the coach Unai Emery to avoid the excessive wear of his athletes.
On February 6, for the French Cup, he gave Neymar a 4-1 win over Sochaux who qualified the team to the quarterfinals of the French Cup – will have Olympique Marseille as their rival on 28 February. On Saturday, February 10, it was Edinson Cavani’s turn to be preserved. Away from home, the team beat Toulouse, by 1 to 0, Neymar’s try, for the French Championship. With 65 points (21 wins, two draws and two losses), he leads Ligue 1 with 12 points ahead of Monaco, second place.
The changes, however, did not allow solving a great mystery. It is the use of Argentine midfielder and striker Angel Di Maria (19 matches in the 2017/2018 French Championship, six goals). He has been chosen to cover the ‘gap’ of the attackers and was also selected to form the offensive trio when Mbappe (18 games, nine goals) was injured. It ended up becoming one of the highlights of the team.
With the possibility of Neymar (18 matches, 19 goals), Cavani (23 games, 21 goals) and Mbappe on Wednesday, it remains to be seen if Emery will bar one or take Di Maria away from the team. Another option would be to climb the athlete as a midfielder. However, as he is not an expert in the marking, this could end up leaving the defense very exposed. Such doubt should only be clarified moments before departure.

History of the matches between Real Madrid and PSG
There were five previous meetings involving the teams. Two of them took place in the Champions League. In group A of the 2015/2016 season, there was a goalless draw in Paris and Real’s victory in Madrid by 1 to 0.
The other three matches were friendly. Two won by Real and one by Paris Saint-Germain.

Although PSG has a large number of starters in all sectors, the Real Madrid team is much more experienced in competitions of this type and usually show the best of his football precisely in situations like this. So, working from home, is the most appropriate option for guess. Has a price of 2.50 in Bet365. Tie pays 3.75 and successful visitor multiplies the investment by 2.80. Quotes were in effect at 10:51 AM on 12/2/2018.