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Thursday is the classic Europe League day and it is even when all the initial meetings of the sixteenth finals, apart from this, will be played.
The match has already kicked off at 6pm and it is therefore perfect to warm up with the evening’s Champions League, which we of course also have game tips from. Eurosport 1 and Eurosport Player ship.
Classical Red Stars represented a fantastic fine Europe League group game. They became second, behind Arsenal, and before Cologne and BATE with two won, three cross and only one loss. Throughout the standard they kept up – not least with a fierce defense game. All in all: three goals ahead and only two backs on these matches.
CSKA Moscow may not be as pleased with the EL final play, with the aim they had on the Champions League dito. It became a third place in the group game, behind Swiss Basel and Manchester United as well as before Benfica. More to demand from the Russians? It may be to take in. More to wish!
The reports are not official at the time of the writing, Monday morning, but as the situation looks, Red Stars hope to have the entire squad available while CSKA misses Aleksei Berezutski and Georgi Milanov.

Five goals in six matches
The favorite team in this double meeting is CSKA Moskva. They are even counted as favorites in this individual meeting. Of course, the case should be so, with the differences between players for players, but the Red Star should definitely not be eliminated.
On the way out, we expect a CSKA Moscow, which will keep the match at all times, but do not climb too hard on the track. Make sure you get better, make sure you do not get hurt – to put the dagger on the return home. Hardly any desperate pursuit of victory here.
At the same time, the Red Stars almost entirely rely on their defense game, which has been so strong. Two in six games, five goals on them all over the group game. It is telling what kind of team the serbs are – and what will be a possible success recipe well in the playoffs.
Another factor that could tell that the game is not going to float on especially well is that both teams just stopped from the respective series games. Speaking for a somewhat hacking match image?
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