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Can st. Etienne find back?
St. Etienne spent a long time in a stable fifth place before finally falling into a striking eighth place – and thus missed Europe’s game. It started this season in a brilliant manner with three straight wins and after 7 played rounds, only one loss had been lost, and it was against PSG on the runway. It seemed like the new Spanish coach Òscar García Junyent had found a concept that matched Les Verts, but lately he has both signed and fans to question it. For now, you get a match start with only one win on their 8 last matches and in the last home game, you were humiliated by Lyon (loss of 0-5). However, it is generally the offensive that got stuck in the wheel, and it is clear that you are frustrated. It seems to be a reprisal from last year’s semi-final finish and it’s an incredibly important match for the home team. Here you can reverse the trend and look forward to a tough play schedule with a positive team morale or continue down in the evil circle. For fact, st. Etienne will meet three of the current top 5 teams in the league and it will be significantly harder. Are you ready for this test?
No idea, I almost do not think so. However, instead, I choose to put my money on the card market – which looks to offer a lot of money. Take a look at the statistics (checklist) at the bottom! In 12 of 13 league games played this year, this line has been solved – and in all its 11 latest league matches.

Strasbourg with nice shape curve
Unlike the home team, Strasbourg has delivered a lot of great results lately. Even though you are in relegation (qualifying), you only have a loss on your 8 last matches. However, we should note that Ligue 1 is currently an incredibly even league and it only divides 4 points up to the Montpellier tablewalk. Strasbourg has released most goals in the league, and I think sometimes you play a little naive defense game in its “narrow” 4-3-1-2 setup. Positive with the goalkeeper is that 11 players played for the club during the first 13 rounds. It will be interesting to see how the match image is developing today, but I definitely think it will be tough and a bit small from both teams – which should generate a lot of cards.