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San Martin Tucuman vs Gimnasia La Plata Football Tips

San Martin Tucuman was defeated by Rosario Central with 0-2 in the away match yesterday, until his team did not win in 2 consecutive games, his condition was not good, but as a promotion team, San Martin Tucuman mostly collected points at home, in the opening match, San Martin Tucuman offset by Union Santa Fe, his team failed to score 3 points per day, it looks like San Martin Tucuman is superior when playing at home, the players are also more confident. On the side of the guest side, Gimnasia La Plata suffered a 0-2 defeat to Talleres Cordoba at home in the last game, the team took 2 consecutive defeats in the Argentine League, the conditions are also rather ugly. Except for that, the attack line was also less sharp, the attacker essentially appeared unsatisfactory.

San Martin Tucuman vs Gimnasia La Plata Betting Tips

Bookmaker gives initial handicap San Martin Tucuman 0 accompanies low odds, this handicap does not give enough support to the host, even though San Martin Tucuman’s performance has not been good lately, however the team is appointed to host, so the handicap cannot show home advantage, add odds low cage, this might deliberately heat up the home team, Gimnasia La Plata might be able to go home with points in this game.

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