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Schalke 04 – Mainz 05

Three points have more Schalke, which started well in the season and then went into a small crisis, to celebrate again in the last round. Mainz had a very bad start and this team just played so they were in a row of three games without a defeat. Nearly all points so far have been won by Mainz in the home field, while Schalke almost equally gains points in his field as well as at home. In the previous two rounds, their effect was the same, the win and the win, and last season Schalke celebrated in both mutual duels and Mainz did not score any goals.

Schalke 04
Schalke has had four victories so far, and the first two have been on the domestic pitch, and then they suddenly played better at home, and the other two entered Gelsenkirchen, where they are now struggling with rivals, Bayern and Bayer Leverkusen, which is never easy to overcome. With Bayer at least defeated and interrupted a series of two defeats, then these points were rewarded with a win in Berlin, which was definitely not expected when Hertha was known to play on his pitch.
It should be noted that they were completely overwhelmed by rivals, but both goals for the 2: 0 triumph reached second half, when the host stayed with the player less on the field. He paid for the return of the attacker G.Burgstaller in the team, as well as by placing M.Meyer, while he did not help the game with two classic strikers. So now we wait for Konoplyanko again for the first minute, instead of Santa.
Schalke ‘s trusted starting lineup: Fahrmann – Stambouli. Naldo, Kehrer – D.Caligiuri, M.Meyer. Oczipka – Goretzka, Harit, Konoplyanka – G.Burgstaller

Mainz 05
It was a startling start to the season for Mainz and it seemed that this team could have big problems and even end up in a struggle for survival, but they managed to consolidate and now it looks a lot better. One win and four defeats in the first five wagers kept them at the bottom of the table, and now they are in a row of three wins without defeat and with two domestic victories in the middle of the table.
It was uncertain in all three rounds because they won 1: 0 against Hertha, then they played at Wolfsburg 1: 1 and then beat HSV 3: 2 in the last round, although they had to be under control. Coach Schwarz seems to have finally made a mosaic and now Mainz has a recognizable game, although the composition is almost constantly changing. Something is causing injuries to all of Bungerta, Hack and Bussman from the last line, so there have been some experiments, but now the four are back and only the attack could change, that is, Muto.

Schalke 04 – Mainz 05
Both teams seem to raise their form, but it is evident that Mainz plays better on their pitch, while Schalke has two duels without victory in front of their supporters, and it is time to do so and confirm a valuable triumph from Berlin. Mainz will hardly parry in this spectacle.