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Spartak Moscow – Zenit St. Petersburg – And for the end of the 18th round of the Russian Premier League we have been a derby match between the fourth Spartac and the other Zenit, which currently has five points of advantage. In addition, Zenit confirmed last season’s appearance at the knockout stage of the European League, while Spartak dangerously “hangs” when it comes to placement in the opening of the Champions League final. We add that at the beginning of the season Zenit at home celebrated with 5: 1 over Spartak, while last year both of their duels ended with winning the host.

Spartak Moskva
It is for this reason that the Moslems now firmly believe in the positive outcome of this domestic match with the big Zenit rival, especially since the current champions are currently in the best form of all the teams in the league. Carrera coaches have made four wins and two rows in the last six rounds, which they have again and again returned to the top for the top, with just one point less than the CSKA runner-up, then five against Zenit and eight in relation to the leading Lokomotiva.
On the other hand, in the Champions League, after the first five wins, the first three wagers were slightly slumped, as they were first defeated at Sevilla by 2: 1, and then in the domestic match with the already canceled Maribor they played only 1: 1, so they now need to win a difficult run at Liverpool for the pass to win. However, their thoughts are currently focused only on this duel with Zenit, which would otherwise miss the defenders Eshchenko and Tigiev and the Annanidza and Timofeev midfielders.

Zenit St. Petersburg
Unlike the Moscow men who are likely to remain without placement in the final of the Champions League final, the Zenita team has been playing in the knockout phase of the European League after four rounds of play, so that they played their home match against Vardar last week and celebrated s 2: 1. Otherwise, the Mancini coach has made a chance for the Macedonians mostly to players who do not have too much time in the championship, but now in the duel with Spartak on the field is expecting the current strongest Zenith setup.
However, they have recently had one result crisis, when in the four played wagers they had two rows and two defeats, but in their last home at home they had a convincing 5: 0 over Tosno, so now they are in a much better mood derby with Spartak. Otherwise, Zenit currently has three points less than the leading Lokomotiva, while it should be added that Moscow’s only fighter-backed goalkeeper Lunev, the defender Anyukov, and the midfielder Shatov and Faizulin will not compete.

Spartak Moscow – Zenit St. Petersburg TIP
The current Russian defenders have recently improved their form considerably so that we can expect to win this season with Zenit as well to regain their revenge for a 5-1 defeat at the start of the season.