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With the rope in the neck, Sport has the modorrento and coward Santos de Levir Culpi on Thursday, October 19, ahead, at the close of the twenty-ninth round of the Brazilian Championship edition 2019. With kick-off scheduled for 9pm Brasília), the confrontation takes place on the Island of Retiro from 21h (Brasília time).

Sport’s recent performance

It was in the same stadium that the red-black tied, by 1 to 1, against Atletico-MG on Sunday, October 15. Bad result for a team that only achieved a victory in the last 11 days of the Brasileirão and is threatened by the relegation to Series B in season 2018.
However, it was enough to keep the Lion out of the sideline at the end of the 28th round. With 34 points (nine wins, seven draws and 12 losses), Sport completed the day in the 14th place, with two points advantage in the comparison with the team that opened the relegation zone.
Thus, the threat continues to annoy the Lion fans, who have not made a spectacular campaign in their domains, but shows some consistency. Of the 14 matches disputed in Recife, it managed to score in 11. They were five victories, six draws and only three defeats.
To try to improve this campaign, coach Vanderlei Luxemburgo may not be able to count on one of their top players. Rithely finished the game against Rooster with pain in the right ankle. The injury was not considered serious, but requires further examination to see if the athlete could be available to face the Saints.
The tendency is that Rithely receives the green light and can act. But the lows of the wheel Anselmo and the left-hander Mena are given as certain. The choice of Anselmo’s replacement also goes through Rithely’s physical condition. For Mena’s place, the one chosen must be Sander.

The current form of Santos

In spite of having reached the vice-leadership of the Brazilian Championship, Santos wasted in the last two rounds opportunities to present his candidacy to overcome Corinthians in the final stretch of the Brasileirão. In the 27th, against Ponte Preta, in Campinas, was in the tie by 1 to 1 before an opponent who played the last minutes with one less athlete.
On Monday, October 16, the stumble was at home. Without acting well, the Fish did not pass the tie, 2-2, against Vitória, who managed to show better football and was considered by many deserving to take three points home.
This generated a series of criticisms of the style of game imposed by the technician Levir Culpi. The coach has implemented a horizontal system in which the team exchanges many side passes and does not show penetration power in the opponents’ area. It was not the only target of criticism from fans and analysts. Against the Macaca, the coach did not even use the three changes to which he was entitled to seek victory. He claimed to believe that if he made changes to the team he would suffer defeat.
His conservative stance showed that there is no ambition for the coach to fight for the title. If that annoys fans, at least it has served to keep the team in the 2018 qualifying zone of the Copa Libertadores of America with 49 points (13 wins, 10 draws and 5 losses).
The main target of the midfielders in trying to put a little speed in the plays exploring the counterattacks, striker Bruno Henrique will be embezzled for the match on Thursday. With left calf pain, he was vetoed by the medical department. Jean Mota, who entered his place in the match against Vitoria, is the highest rated to be listed as a starter.
Renato, who is recovering from injuries to the thigh and ankle of his right leg, was also banned for the match. He even went on to take part in the week’s training, but he’s still not in the best of his fitness.
The left-back Zeca may lose his place in the starting lineup, but not because of his performance. He was annoyed with the fans who would not have given the support he wanted during the game with Victoria and made a badly educated publication on social networks. You have deleted the message, but it is not guaranteed. Alessandro is right. It is suspended due to the accumulation of yellow cards.

History of the bouts between Sport and Santos
There were 35 matches between Sport and Santos in the history of the Brasileirão. The Saints won 15 times. The successes of the Sport were ten, same number of equalities. In the first round of 2017, the red-black won 1 to 0.