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St.Pauli – 1.FC Nurnberg – The host of this match is in the middle of the table, but not far away from the exit zone, while Nurnberg is struggling to enter the higher rank and currently holds the desired second position on the table and from St.Pauli they have even 13 points more. Nurnberg is also in a better form and this team is undefeated in the three rounds of championship championship, while St.Pauli after defeat, was defeated twice. It is interesting that St.Pauli in the first part of the season in Nurnberg celebrated the victory with a score of 1: 0.

They certainly have been in the ranks of St.Paulus waiting for more than this season and a good deal of championships really did run in the upper part of the table, but then there was a fall and a long negative period in which the eight wagons were without a win and it is logical to have fallen in the lower part of the order, even very close to the exit zone. They managed to recover from two linked victories against Bochum and Dynama, but then again fall and now behind have two linked defeats.
From Darmstadt they lost on their pitch before two wagers with 1: 0, in the last lap at Heidenheima defeated 3: 1. Very early in the duel against Darmstadt they received a goal and then dominated with numerous opportunities but did not defeat the opposing goalkeeper while they were against Heidenheima and then received three goals. He played in that first-minute win-win match, Diamantakos striker, and L.Sobiech returned to the kicker position. Cenk Sahin hurt himself after joining the bench and he will not play in this match.
Faithful starting composition of St.Pauli: Himmelmann – Zander, L.Sobiech, Avevor, Buballa – Nehrig, Flum – Dudziak, Sobota, Diamantakos – Bouhaddouz

1.FC Nurnberg
Nurnberg holds second place on the table and it is clear that they would have no objection to holding that position and remaining to the end, as this would mean returning to the best of the club. They are in good form and have not lost the match for a long time in the championship, with the Cup eliminated from Wolfsburg in the eighth finals, but they lost only after the breaks. In the championship they were last beaten by Ingolstadt on the domestic pitch in early November and since then they have played eight matches and three defeated and five times triumphed.
The second part of the season started with a home remembrance with Regensburg, and then celebrated an unpleasant run at Union Berlin. In the last round they played great and with convincing 4: 1 they beat Aue in front of their supporters. Mohwald had two goals as a hero of victory, but it should be noted that even three assists of Martinez’s attacker arrived from Leipzig this winter. Completely the same composition began with the previous games and considering the good game, we are not expecting any change anymore.

St.Pauli – 1.FC Nurnberg TIP
St.Pauli oscillates this season, while Nuremberg caught the right rhythm and for a long time they are not defeated, and in this experiment, we expect their domination and draw out the least unsettled, and definitely closer are the victories.
Tip: Asian Handicap 0 Nurnberg