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Soon after losing their home invincibility, Stuttgart will face Bayern Munich on Saturday, December 16, in the seventeenth round of the 2017/2018 German Championship, the last of the first round. After that journey, the tournament will be interrupted and resumed only on January 12. At the Mercedes-Benz Arena in Stuttgart, the clash begins scheduled for 12h (Brasília time).

Stuttgart’s recent performance

An excellent home campaign and a disastrous visitor performance. This was the formula that Stuttgart had been using to keep out of the relegation zone of the German Championship. However, the strategy suffered a heavy setback in the sixteenth round. At the Mercedes-Benz Arena, the team took Stuttgart 2-0 to see the region of sticking closer.
The performance in Stuttgart is still very good. Despite the loss of unbeaten record, the team had 16 of 17 points (five wins, two draws and nine defeats) in the Bundesliga. He is the sixth best entrant of the season. Out of their domains, it’s the worst of the competition.
The commitment to the leader fired from the German Championship, however, linked the warning to the danger of relegation. In the fourteenth position after only one point in the last 12 games, Stuttgart saw their bottom rivals approaching and depending on the results of the last round of the first round, the winter downtime in the relegation zone may be reduced.
To try to avoid this situation without needing results from the rivals, coach Hannes Wolf will need to manage some bruising problems to climb the team in order to start against the Bavarians. In the medical department are the reserve goalkeeper Alexander Meyer (still without performances in the German Championship 2017/2018); defenders Dzenis Burnic (four games, no goal), Marcin Kaminski (nine games, no goal) and Matthias Zimmermann (two games, no goal); and striker Daniel Ginczek (six games, two goals).

The current form of Bayern Munich

Playing at home or away has made no difference to Bayern Munich. At least not after Jupp Heinckes resume the command of the club. The Bavarian team jumped from fourth position to a loose lead. On Wednesday, December 13, he had the luxury of playing in training against the Cologne, last-placed Bundesliga. Lazily, he added three points when he made 1-0.
He thus achieved 38 points (12 wins, two draws and two losses). It increased to nine the difference in relation to the second placed. The vice-leader now is Schalke, who overtook Leipzig.
Bayern are the second most effective visitor to the Bundesliga. He reached 16 points (five wins, one draw and two losses). In this respect is surpassed only by the Frankfurt, which accumulated 18 points, but made one more match outside of their dominions. As in the last round of the first round the Frankfurt team will receive Schalke, the Bavarian team has the possibility of taking the top of that classification as well.
Heynckes, however, has a serious problem to manage. His starting goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer (three matches in the 2017/2018 German Championship) is injured and should only play again next year. Sven Ulreich (11 games), immediate reserve, was also injured and was out of the last two matches. He suffered a groin injury. It’s likely he will not be released in time to perform this Saturday.
He has been replaced by Tom Starke (two games), third goalkeeper who does not inspire much confidence in the fans. He managed to go white in the last two games, but without much work. Against the Colony, he had to make only one defense. In front of the Frankfurt, which was knocked out of the home by 1 to 0 in the journey of number 15, also a single ball was in the target.
Still in the medical department is the reserve goalkeeper Christian Fruchti (without performances); defenders Juan Bernat (two games, no goal) and Marco Friedl (one game, no goal); and Thiago Alcântara (nine games, one goal) and Arjen Robben (11 matches, three goals).

History of the bouts between Stuttgart and Bayern Munich
Bayern Munich have won their last 15 games against Stuttgart. Stuttgart’s most recent success came in 2010. In Munich, they scored 2-1.

The Bayern keeper is unreliable. Even Sven Ulreich, who had been acting in the Manuel Neuer spot, proved to be far less than the starter. That even opens space for a more risky guess in Saturday’s match. However, Suttgart, although playing at home, does not appear to be a team capable of risking many times against the Bavarian bow, which ends up facilitating the archer’s performance.
Thus, it still follows as the best option to guess the victory of the Munich team, which has a price of 1.30 in Rivalo. Draw yields 5.50 and the success of the owners of the house multiplies the investment by 10.00.