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Tottenham and Newport will decide on Wednesday, February 7, the last classified for the last 16 of the FA Cup. At the Wembley Stadium in London, the clash is the replay of the January 27 game that ended tied for a goal. It starts scheduled for 17:45 (Brasilia time).
The achievement of the second match with inverted field control in case of equality is the trademark of the regulation of the oldest club tournament in the world. Only this time the definition is mandatory, even if that has to be performed a 30-minute extension or penalties decision.

Tottenham’s recent performance

Tottenham narrowly escaped losing on Sunday, February 4, an unbeaten run of nine games. A dubious penalty shot by Harry Kane (25 games in the English Premier League 2017/2018, 22 goals) in the 50th minute of the final stage led to a 2-2 draw at Liverpool on Anfield Road.
Kane had wasted a penalty kick shortly before. The draw, although it may have looked like a big profit due to the circumstances, ended up preventing Tottenham from climbing the table. With 49 points (14 wins, seven draws and five losses) he is in fifth place, outside the European Champions League qualifying round.
For the departure of Wednesday is expected the debut of Brazilian midfielder Lucas, who was hired in the last hours of the January transfer window next to Paris Saint-Germian. Not playing since December 13, he has not even been linked to the classic against Liverpool. In a showdown where you do not expect so much trouble, you might be on the bench and get a few minutes to play in the second half.
It’s the only doubt for the match. The rest of the cast is at the disposal of Argentine coach MaurĂ­cio Pochettino. This should allow the coach to save some more worn out athletes and give opportunity to a good number of reserves. After all, the rival is in the Fourth Division of the English Championship.

The current form of Newport

Newport even had a recovery in League 2, but it showed they did not have enough roster to split between two tournaments. After drawing with Tottenham and making matches at three-day intervals so he could fit the replay on his schedule, he suffered two straight losses. It took 3 to 1 of Lincoln and 2 to 0 Colchester. He made both clashes away from his dominions.
With that, it ended up falling to eleventh position. He has 46 points (12 wins, 10 draws and nine losses). In the Fourth Division, the top three places go up to League 1. This block is closed by Notts County, which has eight points more than Newport.
A fourth place in the repechage is still open for the teams that are between the fourth and seventh places. In this case, the disadvantage of Newport for Swindo, who closes the block, is five points.
That fall could influence Welsh coach Michael Flynn to set the stage for Wednesday’s game in London. However, the possibility of facing a First Division team and at the legendary Wembley Stadium should cause the players themselves to refuse to be spared for the League 2 games. Newport’s next fixture in the tournament is set to 10 of February, at home, against Forest Green.

History of matches between Tottenham and Newport
The previous match for the FA Cup was the first match between the teams.

Even though Tottenham have stumbled in the first game and have to climb a mixed team on Wednesday, there is not much room for risky guessing. The owners of the house are largely favorites. They appear with a price of 1.11 on Bet365. Draw shows return of 11.00 and successful visitor multiplies the investment by 26.00. Quotations in effect at 2:26 pm on 5/2/2018.