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Form Union Mogi sub20
It’s very difficult, but … To get the classification without depending on other people’s results, the Union will need to thrash the powerful Grêmio this afternoon. In fact, the rival did not get so excited in their performances, but the Union wanted to win in this competition. It’s going to be very complicated.
Undeniably, however, the team has made decent performances so far. If he had not been too worn out against Bragantino in the final round, he had scored at least one point. The goal of the opponent’s turn was in the last bids of the match. Imagining that the greatest pressure is on the shoulders of the rival, knowing that he needs to dose his energies, playing at home, the Union still believes it is possible to surprise.
The Mogi das Cruzes team will not be able to count on defender David, suspended.

Form Grêmio sub20
To qualify, Grêmio need a simple draw this afternoon. The team may enter the field until it is already classified. However, if you think about gaining confidence in the sequence of the competition, Grêmio knows you need to present more.
perhaps, among the greats, Grêmio did one of the worst performances in the previous round. Little by little the team was not defeated by the Trinity. The tie of the gremistas was obtained only in the final stretch of the game. The away team was the best on the field. Knowing he needs to present more, the team will have the owners ahead of them, who will also need to be on a perfect day to have chances of qualifying. With technical people at disposal, with the notion that it needs to present more, with spaces to explore, the Grêmio hopes to raise the income.
Again, betting on the talent of the jewelry Tetê, could be the way for the gremistas. The young man was decisive in the two matches played so far.
Our Tip
The home team will have to expose themselves. Even when he did not have such a foggy future, the team was already showing flaws. Imagine the task being complicated. The Gremio has where to take it and knows that it needs to present more. For the spaces that will have to explore, for still have more technical quality and the need to present improvements, I see a favoritism for the Grêmio here.