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Without having the ideal preparation, Vasco opens this Wednesday, January 31, the fight to get a place in the group stage of the 2018 edition of the Copa Libertadores of America. From 21:45 (Brasília time) will face the University of Conception. The game will be played at Estadio Municipal de Concepción, Chile.
At this stage, the duels are defined in the round-trip system. The second match was scheduled for Rio de Janeiro on February 7. Whoever adds as many points as possible advances. If there is a tie, the goal balance and the goal scored away from home serve as tiebreaking criteria. However, if there is still no definition, there will be penalty shootout to indicate who will face in the next phase, the last of the pre-Libertadores, the winner of the Bolivian duel involving Oriente Petrolero and Jorge Wilsterman.
The recent performance of the University of Concepción
In a country where teams like Universidad Catolica and Universidad de Chile often appear among the candidates for the title and usually erect trophies from time to time, the Universidad de Concepción can be confused with a first-rate team. It would be a mistake. The team is frequenting the national football table.
His greatest glory was the 2007 Chilean runner-up in the Clausura Tournament. He only got titles in the Second (2013) and Third (1997) divisions. Last year, he finished the tournament in tenth position having added just 17 of the 45 points played (three wins, eight draws and four losses). That was the best performance of the club, which in the first half of the season, at the close of the 2016/2017 edition of the competition, was in the sixteenth (last place).
With this record, the qualification to play the pre-Libertadores was a surprise. It was obtained in the repechage in the duel against Union Española, national runner-up. Concepcion made use of the field goal by scoring 1 to 0 and managed to manage the advantage obtained by exploiting the counterattacks and winning the match back by 2 to 1. It was disputed on December 20. It was the last game of the club in season 2017.
In 2018, he will make his first official match on Wednesday. He is in charge the young Francisco Bozán, of 31 years. He has been at the club since the end of 2016 and has secured his best result at the closing ceremony of 2017. He managed to put the University of Concepción in the third position of the Chilean Championship. It was the right to play the playoffs for Libertadores.

The current form of Vasco

Although he maintained coach Zé Ricardo, who managed to improve the club’s performance at the end of the 2017 season of the Brazilian Championship leading the Maltese cross to the Libertadores qualifying stage, Vasco’s preparation for the competition was disastrous. Involved in an electoral dispute that had to stop in court and was marked by a maneuver of counselors that did not respect the result of the polls, there was practically no planning for the tournament dispute.
Players like veteran midfielder Nene and defender Anderson Martins left the club. Since Vasco owed them money, he could not avoid transferring them both to Sao Paulo. Few reinforcements have been acquired. The main one of them the Argentine steering wheel Desábato.
The first results of the club in the year are worrisome. After four matches played in the Campeonato Carioca, Vasco is practically eliminated. Only a highly improbable combination of results would allow the club to play in the semi-finals of the Guanabara Cup, the first round of the competition.

History of the matches Universidad de Concepción y Vasco
This will be the first match involving the teams.

It is not known exactly what to expect from the University of Concepcion. Modest cast owner, the club had a better preparation, but did not make games in which one could analyze its potential. The Basque boat sailed under the wind. Without direction for a long period, the team made an improvised preparation and the result of this can be perceived at the beginning of the state. The lack of reliability in any of the teams makes the tie a good choice for guess. It has a price of 3,10 in Bet365. Chilean victory earns 3.00 and Brazilian pays 2.45 per real invested. Prices valid at 13:08 on 1/30/2018.