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Ural form
By still being on the first page of the leaderboard, the Ural should thank the skies. The team lost focus on the last matches, accumulating five consecutive games without success. They are three losses in sequence in this stretch. It will be almost impossible to stay on the front page in the event of a new trip.
What’s worse is that, while none of its extremities are working prominently, the limitations are not so clear. Yes, the defense could offer more resistance, but I still see it as little for such a brutal income decline. Despite having stumbled in the last two matches as a principal, his best performances still happen there. If you change your posture, if you present a little more at your extremities, the desire for reaction can be fulfilled.
Coach Aleksandr Tarkhanov will not have Vladimir Iljin suspended. Gregor Balazic, recovering from injury, can still be left out of this match.

Form Arsenal Tula
It is possible to say that the moment of the Tula is identical to the one of the rival. The difference for you, negatively, is that the team has already left the first page of the leaderboard. Arsenal won three games without success, with two straight defeats. Facing a team at a time similar to yours may be the perfect opportunity to try to change your moment by searching for points.
The team has been dedicated, but by not being able to make the offensive part regular, Arsenal ends up with their more limited forces in the field. Playing away from home, when tactically correct, can even give work to rivals, but the numbers are bad. In order not to drop further in the standings, Arsenal know they need to be more dedicated, waging war with their rivals in order to be able to score.
Coach Miodrag Božović will be without Gia Grigalava suspended. Igor Shevchenko, with a slight injury, is doubtful.

Our Tip
Tough game. The two teams go through very similar moments, of low yield. Anyone who does not add points here may find their dissatisfaction increasing. In this equilibrium, the home factor may have a small differential. Ural can still have strength in his home, let’s face it. In this way, to imagine that Ural will get points here, makes some sense. But it’s a risky bet.